“I wanted the change to be inconspicuous and that’s exactly what M1 achieved.”

Ronny, age 43

2 Wochen nach der Behandlung

I am Ronny, 43 years old

I’m Ronny and I’m so happy to be a part of the M1 Real Faces! I heard about this campaign through friends of mine and after some consideration, I immediately signed up. I feel very comfortable in my body, but I have been thinking about a certain beauty treatment for a long time.

„I wanted to have more defined, masculine features.“

Ronny’s treatment plan

Chin and jawline enhancement »
to define the contours
(used amount: 6 ml)

Frown line and forehead wrinkles »
for a relaxed, rejuvenated look
(2 treated zones)

My beauty goals

My wish? I wanted to finally have more defined and masculine contours in my face. I wanted, above all, an angular jawline and a more pronounced chin. I have heard a lot about the great results that can be achieved with dermal filler injections, because surgery would never be an option for me. In addition, I have noticed over the last few years that the wrinkles on my forehead are becoming more and more pronounced. As a result, this was another area I wanted to have treated.

„I wanted the change to be inconspicuous and that's exactly what M1 achieved.“

2 weeks after the treatment

My treatment

At M1 Med Beauty, a very professional doctor welcomed me to the clinic. I showed her my problem areas and explained what I wanted the results to look like. She then explained to me what goals are possible with minimally invasive treatments and where the limits are. She also told me in detail about all the risks of the treatment. My forehead and frown lines were then injected with muscle relaxants. This relaxes the muscles so that the wrinkles disappear. My jawline and chin were treated with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. The experience was very collaborative, with the doctor asking my opinion and making sure I was happy with the results along the way.

My M1 experience

A few weeks after the treatment, I met the M1 team again to tell them about my experience. I am very happy to have taken this step in my beauty journey. I feel more motivated and fit since the treatment. My facial features are more masculine, just as I had hoped. The change is a big deal for me, but hardly noticable for those around me – which was incredibly important to me. Thank you M1 for this great experience!

Video story

Learn more about Ronny’s personal experience in the video!

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