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We are Frank & Susann

We are Frank and Susann. We have been together for 33 years and married for 32. For me, Susann, the subject of beauty is definitely an area that has interested me for quite some time. The same cannot be said for my husband Frank. Nevertheless, he decided to apply with me to be a part of the M1 Real Faces to see what cosmetic treatments can do to refresh and rejuvenate his face.

„Sharing this experience together was super!“

We had both previously ha experience with anti-wrinkle treatments but neither of us had ever tried dermal fillers. That’s why we were s interested to see what our treatment plans and results would look like.

Susann’s treatment

My ultimate goal was to look younger and fresher again. My treatment plan was designed to tighten sagging areas of my face and smooth out existing wrinkles. To lift my lower face, my cheeks were injected with dermal fillers, as well as my jawline and chin in an effort to tighten some of the skin around the neck. To fully reduce my nasolabial folds, this area was also treated with dermal fillers. Finally, both my forehead lines and crow’s feet were treated using muscle relaxants.

After my treatments, a significant change was immediately noticeable. My facial features looked defined and youthful again. After the appointment, I was immediately able to go out and socialise as well. The treatments with muscle relaxants kicked in after a few days and I felt even more fresh and friendly.

„My husband thinks I look at least 10 years younger!“

Frank’s treatment

I’m on the road quite a bit in my day-to-day work, which means that I can be quite stressed a lot of the time. The effects of this stress have are noticeable around my forehead and eyes. The doctor at M1 took a close look at my wrinkles and explained to me what could be done to minimise them. She advised me to treat the areas with muscle relaxants which would smoothen these lines and relax the face overall.

I am delighted with my results, which become more visible in the days after my treatments. I would definitely repeat this treatment to maintain my results!

„I wanted to look more relaxed and that's exactly what M1 did.“

Our experience

M1 won us both over in every respect! We were welcomed in modern, bright surgeries by the friendly staff. The doctors who treated us gave us professional advice and explained each treatment in detail. We are both more than satisfied with the results and will choose M1 Med Beauty again and again.

Find out more about Susann and Frank’s M1 experience in the video!

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