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M1 Med Beauty is the leading private provider of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. M1 Med Beauty operates a worldwide network of almost 40 outpatient specialist centres.
Over 120 Cosmetic Doctors and Specialised Plastic Surgeons perform 200,000 Medical Aesthetic treatments every year.

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M1 Med Beauty sets new treatment standards for the constantly growing field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine and changes the way the world approaches Medical Aesthetic treatments through high quality products and fair treatment prices.

Experienced and highly trained Cosmetic Doctors and Specialised Plastic Surgeons welcome you in our state of the art medical aesthetics clinics in 7 different countries for top quality medical aesthetic treatments.

M1 Akademie

New generation of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery

M1 Akademie was founded in 2016 and is a worldwide private training academy for Doctors, Specialised Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. The M1 Akademie training focuses on latest treatment methods, innovations and product presentations for the areas of Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery and Laser-Dermatology. Experienced M1 Akademie doctors provide specialist knowledge, while the course participants implement the learned knowledge on site.