All treatments performed by M1 cosmetic doctors
All treatments performed by M1 cosmetic doctors

Our Prices

Dermal Filler
Lip enhancement From $299
Skinbooster From $199
Brow lift with dermal filler From $399
Nasolabial folds From $399
Marionette lines From $399
Jawline enhancement From $399
Chin enhancement From $399
Cheek enhancement From $399
Tear troughs From $449
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty From $449
Gummy smile From $179
Bunny lines From $179
Brow lift with anti-wrinkle From $179
Crow’s feet From $179
Forehead lines From $179
Frown lines From $179
Facial slimming From $349
Nefertiti Lift From $349
Hyperhidrosis From $749

Anti-wrinkle treatment areas

One area of anti-wrinkle treatments includes one specific treatment area, e.g. forehead wrinkles. Each individual treatment area after that counts as another area. For example, a treatment of forehead lines and crow’s feet would be 2 areas. The price for the area applies regardless of the amount of units used in the treatment. Area pricing applies to forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown line treatments.

Anti-wrinkle treatment areas
1 Area$179
2 Areas$349
3 Areas$519
4 Areas$679

Due to Australian regulations, we are unable to provide the specific names of our products. Book your complimentary consultation today to find out more about our treatments and which option is right for you.