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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most prominent features. It balances out the rest of your face and puts everything into proportion. This means that when there are imperfections in the shape or appearance of the nose like nasal humps, it can be a great source of annoyance and stress. While traditionally, the only option to fix these imperfections have been a surgical rhinoplasty. However, we can now balance the nose with nose filler. Non-surgical rhinoplasty from $449.

Benefits of the nose filler treatment

Are you wondering if a non-surgical nose job is an option for you? Our M1 doctors will be happy to answer any of our questions and help you decide at a free consultation in any of our clinics in Melbourne, BrisbaneSydney, Gold Coast & Perth.

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Some of our facial features can have a huge impact on the harmony of our faces. The nose is one of the most prominent features and can be a major factor in balancing the face and enhancing your natural beauty. Imperfections in the shape of the nose or along the nasal bridge can be a source of major insecurity.

Traditionally, the only way to make corrections to the nose was a surgical rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon. However, this procedure can become very costly and can also be very time intensive, with major downtime for recovery after an invasive surgery. However, with developments in aesthetic medicine, Cosmetic Doctors are now able to achieve similar results with a non-surgical rhinoplasty.

A non-surgical nose job can reshape, smooth out any bumps and lift the nasal tip. At your complimentary consult, one of our M1 doctors will help you decide if nose filler is an option for you and if you are a good candidate for the procedure. After this, your doctor will inject filler precisely along the nose bridge to deliver your unique beauty goals.

The results of nose filler are visible immediately and the procedure requires no downtime, unlike the surgical equivalent. The results will last about 3-6 months. Post-treatment, many patients experience some minor swelling and bruising around the injected area, but this will fade in the following days.

Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance areas of the face including contours like the jawline and the chin.

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Cosmetic procedures can be a big decision. This is why M1 Med Beauty offers a free face-to-face consult with one of our M1 doctors. This gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have and discuss your options. Book today in Melbourne, BrisbaneSydney, Gold Coast & Perth.


M1 Med Beauty offers the best quality at the best price. The cost for a liquid rhinoplasty starts at $449.

Non-surgical nose job:from $449

Discussion on various options will take place and treatment will not be performed if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.

If you are considering enhancement with fillers, make sure to read our treatment guidelines here.

You can find our treatment overview for all prices here.


You can expect to see some minor redness, swelling or bruising around the area that has been injected. These minor side effects will likely only last few days.

We advise that you avoid smoking, make-up and alcohol on the day of treatment. It is also important to avoid excessive physical activity for 48 hours after treatment.

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If you are considering a nose correction with dermal fillers, please read our guidelines for aesthetic treatments.

While a surgical rhinoplasty has been the traditional way of making any corrections to the nose, dermal filler is now an option for those looking to improve any areas of the nose. Nasal humps and imperfections in the bridge of the nose can be improved using dermal filler. Fillers can also be used to lift the tip.

During your one on one consultation, your M1 Doctor will examine your nose to determine the areas that will benefit from treatment with dermal filler. Then, they will inject a thick filler into the treatment area.

Your doctor will shape the dermal filler to make sure that it is sitting in the correct spot. It is very important that you do not touch the filler for a few days, as well as following all aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. This will ensure the best results from your treatment.

Although the filler used for a liquid rhinoplasty is thicker, it still contains an anesthetic agent and is administered with very fine needles or a cannula to reduce any discomfort you may experience. If you are very nervous about pain, we have numbing cream that can be applied.

A rhinoplasty with dermal filler will last for up to 4 to 9 months. After this period we recommend a follow up treatment with your doctor.

Along with a big variety of other aesthetic procedures, our experienced doctors at M1 Med Beauty carry out liquid rhinoplasty in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Book your free consultation today.

At M1 Med Beauty, we offer a number of non-surgical dermal filler injectable procedures. Alongside a nose job with dermal filler, we also enhance other facial contours such as the jawline, chin and cheeks and of course, lip enhancement. Additionally, fillers can be used to reduce signs of ageing like deep lines such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

The effects of dermal fillers can be seen up to 6 months after the treatment was performed. After this, the hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body, will safely dissolve.

Nose filler:from $449

Discussion of various treatment options will take place and a product won’t be administered if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.


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