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Gummy Smile
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Gummy smile

Free gummy smile consultation available with highly experienced Cosmetic Doctors!
A popular non-surgical treatment for a tooth flesh smile, is the gummy smile anti-wrinkle treatment (muscle relaxant) which helps embracing a confident smile. Our qualified Cosmetic Doctors use a premium range of muscle relaxant. A gummy smile treatment starts from $179.

Benefits of the gummy smile treatment

Gummy smile occurs when the muscles above the mouth are hyperactive, pulling up the top lip. Not only can this be physically uncomfortable, but it is not aesthetically pleasing when a person smiles. This leads to more gum to be exposed while smiling than would normally be visible.

A treatment of anti-wrinkle injections targeted into this hyperactive muscle relaxes it and allows the lip to sit naturally. The result is a natural smile where the lips, gums and teeth are all in proportion. An anti-wrinkle injection treatment can create the same effect as thousands of dollars in expensive dental work and give your self-esteem a boost with a beautiful new smile.

To find out if this treatment is right for you, contact us today to book a complimentary consultation with an M1 doctor.

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What makes us stand out, is that all cosmetic injections are carried out by highly qualified Cosmetic Doctors at M1 Med Beauty in Melbourne, Brisbane Perth, Gold Coast or Sydney. that use only premium brand muscle relaxant.

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At a glance: Gummy smile treatment
Duration15 Min
Kind of treatmentOutpatient
Results3-4 months


If you are considering a gummy smile treatment, please read our guidelines for aesthetic treatments.

During your one on one consultation, your doctor will explain the details of the procedure and determine how much muscle relaxant is needed to sufficiently relax the upper lip muscle. They will also give you details on treatment aftercare to ensure the best possible results from your treatment.

Your experienced doctor will then inject into the upper lip muscle using very fine needles, making the treatment virtually painless. The results of your treatment will show after 10 days. You may notice some bruising or swelling around the injection sites. This will subside in two to three days.

The results of your anti-wrinkle injection treatment will last from 3 to 4 months. At this point, a follow-up treatment will be needed to maintain your new smile.

A gummy smile treatment is a not well-known treatment for a tooth-flesh smile and is increasing in popularity as the understanding for the gummy smile treatment is growing.  This treatment is performed by our experienced Cosmetic Doctors several times a week. They have extensive experience and are specialized in muscle relacant injections.

Your Cosmetic Doctor makes sure that the muscle pulling the upper lip up when smiling, gets relaxed with a small dose of muscle relaxant. The right dosage is important for this treatment to prevent the top lip of hanging down and not being able to move at all. 

Even a small amount of muscle relaxant can achieve effective improvements and lead to beautiful results.

With every muscle relaxant treatment it is of fundamental importance that the doctor always doses the injected muscle relaxant very precisely in order to achieve a harmonious look. For clients who have recently had lip enhancement either at our clinic or another, we would ask for you to advise the date of your last appointment. 

Gummy smile treatments are always performed by a qualified muscle relaxant specialist doctor at all of our M1 Med Beauty clinics.

There are a number of options available for correcting a gummy smile, including a gingivectomy, a lip enhancement or a muscle relaxant treatment. At M1 Med Beauty we often offer a combination of a gummy smile treatment with muscle relaxant and a lip augmentation.

M1 Med Beauty operates a large number of beauty clinics worldwide. Therefore we can purchase all applied quality products as a wholesaler. The price advantage that M1 profits from is directly passed on to our patients.

Gummy smile treatment from $99

It is important to not touch the area around the lips for at least 6 hours after the gummy smile treatment. Some bruising and swelling may occur after the treatment.

Excess sun exposure and saunas should be avoided for one week after your treatment.

Along with a big variaty of other aesthetic treatments our experienced Cosmetic Doctors at M1 Med Beauty carry out gummy smile treatments in Melbourne, BrisbaneSydney, Gold Coast & Perth. Book your free consultation today.

For pricing information, see our price list.

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3-4 months
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