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Forehead lines treatment

Benefits of the forehead lines treatment

At a glance: Forehead lines
Duration15 Min
Kind of treatmentOutpatient
Results3-4 months

Forehead lines are one of the most popular areas for anti-wrinkle treatments. Repetitive muscle use and skin ageing influence forehead lines’ appearance. They are also caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure, dehydration, alcohol intake and smoking.

Because the treatment area is located so closely to the brow, your M1 Cosmetic Doctor will be very careful to specifically target the forehead wrinkles. Otherwise, the anti-wrinkle product can spread and cause drooping eyebrows. Every M1 doctor is carefully trained to avoid this, meaning you’re in safe hands during your treatment.

An anti-wrinkle treatment to your forehead lines can reduce the visible signs of wrinkles and help bring back the skin’s smoothness. Contact M1 today for a complimentary consultation and find out more about our forehead lines treatment.

Forehead lines - FAQ

Precise amounts of anti-wrinkle product are injected at equal intervals along the forehead. This is to prevent one area from becoming more relaxed than any other. Your doctor will discuss aftercare instructions for your treatment to ensure the best results during your one on one consultation.

Very fine needles are used during the treatment, making it minimally painful. You may experience some bruising and swelling after the initial injections, however, this will go down within one day.

The full effect of your treatment will be visible after 10-14 days and will last for 3 to 4 months. After this time we recommend a follow-up treatment with your M1 Cosmetic Doctor.

For pricing information, see our price list.

Forehead lines - At a glance


15 minutes





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3-4 months
(may vary)

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