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Facial slimming

Benefits of the facial slimming treatment

  • Relaxation of the masseter muscles
  • Slimmer appearance of the face
  • Reduction of tension headaches and teeth grinding
At a glance: Facial slimming treatment
Duration 15 Min
Pain Minimum
Kind of treatment Outpatient
Recovery Immidiate
Results 3-4 months
Costs $349

A slim jawline helps to frame the face and create a strong profile – thanks to the facial slimming procedure. The masseter muscles, located on either side of the jaw, are integral for chewing and holding the jaw in place. However, with excessive use they can become bigger, making the face appear wider. A facial slimming treatment can help to reduce the size of these muscles and create a beautiful jawline. 

The masseter muscle has two layers; the superficial head and the deep head. When the superficial head is repeatedly used, it can grow and make your face look wider. This growth can occur from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, or simply regular use. With an anti-wrinkle treatment the masseter muscle can relax and decrease in size, leading to a slimmer profile. An added benefit of this treatment is it can help to reduce tension headaches and prevent damage that occurs due to grinding your teeth.

For more information on facial slimming, contact M1 today for your complimentary consultation with our experienced Cosmetic Doctors.

Facial slimming treatment - FAQ

During your one on one consultation with your M1 Cosmetic Doctor, they will check the strength of your masseter muscles and determine how much anti-wrinkle product is needed. This is then injected with very fine needles to reduce pain.

You will notice a reduction in teeth grinding and headaches within 2 weeks and a slimmer facial appearance by 4 weeks. There may also be some slight bruising or swelling around the treatment area; this will disappear in the next 2-3 days.

Your facial slimming treatment will last for 3-4 months. Individual results may vary depending on the strength of your masseter muscles. After the effects have worn off we recommend a follow up treatment with your M1 doctor.

All treatments are only performed by experienced Cosmetic Doctors.

For pricing information, see our price list.

Facial slimming - At a glance


15 minutes





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3-4 months
(may vary)

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