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Facial Sliming
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Facial slimming | M1 Med Beauty Australia

A slim jawline helps to create and frame a strong profile. Many people are frustrated by a wide jawline caused by an overactive masseter muscle. Also known as a masseter reduction, facial slimming treatment uses muscle relaxants to reduce the size of the masseter muscles and slimming the face. Facial slimming is one of the many cosmetic treatments performed by our M1 cosmetic doctors at our Australian clinics. Jawline reduction from $349.

Benefits of the Masseter reduction treatment

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At a glance: Facial slimming treatment
Duration 15 Min
Pain Minimum
Kind of treatment Outpatient
Recovery Immidiate
Results 3-4 months
Costs $349

About Facial Slimming

The masseter muscles, located on either side of the jaw, are integral for chewing and holding the jaw in place. However, with excessive use or if they become overactive, the muscles can become bigger, making the face and jaw appear wider. This growth can occur from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, or simply regular use. A jaw slimming treatment can help to reduce the size of these muscles and slimming the face and jawline.

After your consultation is complete and your treatment plan has been determined, your M1 doctor will inject muscle relaxants (also known as anti-wrinkle injections) into the superficial head of the muscle. This will work to relax the muscles, stopping them from excessively contracting and clenching. This stops the masseter muscle from bulging and visually reduces the appearance of the lower face and jawline, slimming the overall face shape.

This treatment is ideal for those looking to slim their face. An added benefit of this treatment is it can help alleviate and reduce some medical conditions such as bruxism, tension headaches and grinding your teeth.

Jawline reduction takes between 15 and 30 minutes. The results are not visible immediately after treatment as the anti-ageing injections take up to 14 days to take effect.

What you need to know before facial slimming

Not every practitioner have the same qualification and experience…

In Australia, cosmetic injections can be administered by anyone, regardless of their experience and training. This is because Australia has deemed beauty treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections non-invasive and are therefore regulated.

All cosmetic procedures carried out at M1 Med Beauty are performed by one of our AHPRA-registered cosmetic doctors, who are highly-trained specialist in their field. We make sure that our doctors are kept up to date with the newest techniques and skills with regular training at our M1 Akademie.

M1 Med Beauty Australia ensures the best, long-lasting results by using only the finest filler and anti-aging products from renowned manufacturers.

When deciding where to go, it is important that you keep in mind the risks of aesthetic injectable treatments especially when performed by unqualified practitioners. Our M1 doctors are trained to deliver beautiful, natural results while avoiding all risks.

Our Promise

It is important to be informed about your options for treatments before deciding to go ahead. To help this, M1 Med Beauty offers each and every one of our patients a free consultation in our clinics in Melbourne, BrisbaneSydney, Gold Coast & Perth.

How much does facial slimming cost?

M1 Med Beauty performs thousands of cosmetic injections across hundreds of clinics around the world. We offer the finest quality products at the most affordable prices possible.



Jaw Slimming treatment:

from $349

Consultation on various options will take place and procedures with muscle relaxing injections will not be performed if a customer isn’t deemed suitable.

Want to find out about our range of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle procedures? Find an overview of our treatments and prices here.

Post-masseter reduction care

After face slimming treatment is complete, it is possible that you may experience some swelling, bruising or redness. This and any other minor side effects typically improve within 72 hours.
It is important that you follow post-treatment guidelines:

For at least 4 hours: keep your head upright

For at least 48 hours: avoid physical activity or exercise

For at least 1 week: avoid the sauna, solarium, and excess sun exposure

For at least 2 weeks: no facial massages or dental treatments

For the full guidelines click here.

Facial slimming treatment - FAQ

Also known as masseter reduction or jawline reduction, facial slimming is an effective, non-invasive way to visually narrow the face non-surgically. The treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxants to visually reduce the bulky masseter muscles (the muscles in the lower face used for chewing), narrowing the face.

During your one on one consultation with your M1 Doctor, they will check the strength of your facial muscles and determine how much anti-wrinkle product is needed. This is then injected with very fine needles to reduce pain.

As it takes some time for the relaxant to take full effect, you will notice a reduction in teeth grinding and headaches within 2 weeks and a slimmer facial appearance by 4 weeks. Your facial slimming treatment will last for 3-4 months. Individual results may vary depending on the strength of your muscles. After the effects have worn off we recommend a follow up treatment with your M1 doctor.

After face slimming treatment with anti-ageing product, it is important to keep your head upright for at least 4 hours after treatment. We also recommend you avoid excessive physical activity for at least 48 hours and excessive sun exposure for at least 1 week.

Find full aftercare guidelines here.

The primary benefit of this treatment is reducing the bulky lower face muscles. The treatment can also have a number of health benefits including reducing the effects of bruxism and teeth-grinding.

Facial slimming:

from $349

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