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At a glance: Dermal fillers
Duration15-30 Min
Kind of treatmentOutpatient
Results3-4 months
Costsfrom $99

As we age, the collagen naturally found in skin breaks down. This causes our skin to lose its volume and some of its elasticity. Similarly to wrinkles, environmental factors such as smoking, dehydration and alcohol intake exacerbate this breakdown. By treating areas with dermal filler however, our experienced doctors are able to restore skin to its youthful and healthy state.

Dermal filler defines the face, replaces lost volume and revitalises the skin. It is made of a naturally occurring substance in the skin, which we cannot name due to Australian regulations. Dermal filler is a humectant, which means it binds to water to increase its volume. This gel-like substance varies in consistency to create either soft volume for treatments such as lip augmentation, or harder definition for treatments such as cheek fillers or chin augmentation

Dermal filler dissolves harmlessly into the body after 4 to 9 months. This makes it suitable for achieving your beauty goals without invasive surgery. Dermal filler also contains an anaesthetic agent, therefore that the procedure is virtually painless. If you want to enhance your lips, shape your cheeks and contour your face, dermal fillers with M1 Med Beauty are the best choice.

Dermal filler treatments - FAQ

Dermal filler is traditionally used to treat the lower third of the face to define, sculpt and volumise. Different areas require different kinds and amounts of dermal filler. Your doctor will determine this in accordance with your wishes and the treatment’s capabilities. For example, lip injections use a smaller amount of thinner dermal filler, whereas cheek fillers require more of a thicker substance to effectively build up the area. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation and to found out more about our dermal filler treatments.

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After your one on one consultation, your doctor will administer the required amount of dermal filler with very fine needles. As the product contains an anesthetic ingredient the procedure will be minimally painful. The results will be immediately visible. However, you will begin to see the full effect over the next few days as the product begins to absorb water. You may experience some swelling or bruising at the injection site. Following your doctor’s aftercare instructions will help to minimize these symptoms. Subsequent follow-up treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired result.

Your results will last for up to 6 to 9 months. As each person’s metabolism and physiology is different, results will vary from patient to patient. After this, the dermal filler will dissolve harmlessly into the body with no scarring. To maintain the dermal filler’s effect, we recommend follow-up treatments with your doctor.

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15-30 minutes


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3-4 months
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