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Crow’s feet are one of the most common types of wrinkles. Unlike other wrinkles found on the face, crow’s feet are naturally very deep set. This creates more closed and older-looking eyes. The primary cause of crow’s feet is collagen breakdown of and loss of skin elasticity, however UV exposure plays a key role in these wrinkle’s development. Other causes include the skin’s natural thinness in this area, as well as the lack of oil glands around the eye. If you’ve noticed that you’re developing crow’s feet and are worrying about them developing further, our anti-wrinkle treatment is the best option for you.

Crow’s feet wrinkles tend to develop quickly and deeply, as they are located on muscles that we use every day. An anti-wrinkle injection treatment relaxes the muscle next to the eye and stops any existing wrinkles from getting worse. It also prevents new wrinkles from forming. If the crow’s feet are particularly deep, a secondary treatment of dermal filler can be administered to replace lost volume and fill in the wrinkles.

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A one on one consultation with your M1 doctor is particularly important for this treatment. They will use it to determine just how deep the wrinkles are and how much anti-wrinkle product is needed to produce the desired effect. 

Your doctor will administer the anti-wrinkle injection with very fine needles. This makes the treatment minimally painful. You may notice some swelling or bruising immediately after the treatment, however this will subside within 2 to 3 days. It can also be minimized by following the treatment aftercare instructions given to you by your doctor. The full effect of the treatment will be visible within 10 days. 

An anti-wrinkle treatment in this area will last on average between 3 to 4 months. After this a follow up treatment will be needed to relax the muscle further.

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15 minutes

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3-4 months