Cosmetic injections are seeing a surge of popularity in Australia. In 2018, an estimated $350 million worth of injectable treatments were carried out over the country, with anti-wrinkle treatments being the most popular. As the stigma around cosmetic ‘tweak-ments’ diminishes, Australians are looking more and more to injectables to create their perfect look.

As products and injecting techniques have developed, so have Australia’s views on the best results from treatments. There has been a definite trend towards more natural, subtle results, rather than the overstated looks of the 2000s. With the increasing demand for subtlety, it is more important than ever that your treatment is carried out by experienced Cosmetic Doctors trained in the latest injecting techniques at our private in-house M1 Akademie. That’s why, at M1 Med Beauty, highly trained Cosmetic Doctors perform all our treatments, not nurses, with the best products to give you the best results possible.

We offer cosmetic injection treatments with anti-wrinkle product, dermal filler and lip filler. To find out more about any of our treatments, click on the links below. To find out more about our pricing, see our price list.