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A strong chin creates a visual balance between your nose, neck and cheeks. It helps to shape the face and, along with the jawline, provide definition and contour for the rest of your features. For those who suffer from a receding or ‘weak’ chin, it can give the impression that their face is a lot shorter than it actually is. It also throws out the proportions of your other features.

Traditionally the only option for chin augmentation was implants, which was costly, invasive and could lead to negative side effects. They also had a distinctly hard look that may not look natural over time. With developments in dermal filler technology, however, a thicker textured filler can be used to define and shape the chin, whilst maintaining a natural look. These dermal filler treatments can help to restore facial definition and increase patients self-esteem and self-image.

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Your experienced M1 medical practitioner will assess your chin and your goals during your one on one consultation. After determining the required amount of product, your doctor will inject it into the treatment area and massage the dermal filler into position. The filler is injected with very fine needs and includes an anesthetic agent, so the procedure is minimally painful.

You will see the results of your treatment immediately, however, the full result will be visible within 2-3 days. It is very important in this period to follow all aftercare instructions provided to you by your medical practitioner, to reduce bruising and swelling and to get the best results.

The results of your treatment will last for up to 4 to 9 months. After this, the filler dissolves into the body. We recommend a follow-up treatment at this point with your M1 medical practitioner.

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4-9 months