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Blog: The reason why we love anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments do more than just smooth away Wrinkles

Anti Wrinkle injections are known for returning one’s youth by their effect of smoothing out wrinkles. However there are many more benefits from receiving anti wrinkle treatment. Commonly known as muscle relaxant, we provide these injections at our clinic to enhance the face and revitalise your features. Here are some facts about anti-wrinkle injections that […]

Blog:Winter skin treatments

Get out of your winter slump by giving your skin a bit of a plump.

With the harsh wind and cold weather that comes with Winter, our skin is left crying out for help! Winter can really wreak havoc on our skin by causing immense dryness, irritation and the wind can especially dry out your skin stripping it of all its moisture. The ruthless conditions outside can leave your skin […]