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Bunny LInes treatment

Benefits of the bunny lines treatment

  • Less wrinkles
  • Youthful appearance
  • No downtime
At a glance: Bunny lines
Duration15 Min
Kind of treatmentOutpatient
Results3-4 months

Bunny lines are the fine lines that appear when you scrunch up your nose. This happens when you smile or laugh. These fine lines have a variety of causes, but most commonly occur due to overusing certain facial muscles as we age. Bunny lines can also develop due to excess anti-wrinkle treatments: as certain muscles are relaxed, other muscles have to overcompensate for this lack of movement.

If you’ve noticed bunny lines developing and you want to find out more about preventing them, contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our experienced doctors.

Bunny lines treatment - FAQ

During your one on one consultation with your doctor, they will determine how much anti-wrinkle product is needed to effectively treat your bunny lines. Then, the product will be injected into the treatment area. As this is done with very thin needles, the procedure is minimally painful. 

The results of your treatment will start to become visible after 2 to 4 days, with the full effect showing in 10 days. You may experience some bruising and swelling around the area immediately after your treatment, however this will subside after a few days. Your doctor will instruct you on proper aftercare to ensure you get the best results possible from your treatment.

The results of your treatment will last for 3 to 4 months. At that point, the treated muscles will regain their full function. To maintain the effect, we recommend follow up treatments with your doctor.

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Treatment - At a glance


15 minutes





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3-4 months
(may vary)

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