M1 Cosmetic Doctors

M1 Cosmetic Doctors

Our experience - Your safety

Our qualified M1 doctors offer a range of aesthetic treatments and are always up-to-date with regular further training at the M1 Academy. In order to achieve the best possible treatment result for you, the entire team of experts from M1 Med Beauty works hand in hand and gives you competent advice in a personal consultation.

Our AU Staff Dr Sam Clark, Dr Kathrin Rac and Dr Shefauli Chauhan look forward to meeting you.

“I love the challenge of Aesthetic medicine. Everyone is so unique in both their features and their goals and I enjoy working with them towards the results they are targeting.” 

Dr Sam Clark

Cosmetic Doctor

AHPRA number: MED0002315077

Dr Samuel Clark is a New Zealand trained doctor that has comprehensive experience in General Medicine and General Surgery. Having also worked in Urgent Care and Rehabilitation, Dr Clark is looking forward to bringing his medical knowledge to the clinic at M1 and working with the latest technology and techniques in aesthetic treatments. Dr Clark focusses on understanding the needs of each individual patient by developing strong interpersonal connections to achieve this. 

Dr Clark is an active member of M1 Akademie and is trained in both Australia and internationally in the latest injecting techniques for aesthetic treatments. 

“My aim is to naturally and safely enhance an individual’s inner beauty to help people look and feel their best.”

Dr Kathrin Rac

Cosmetic Doctor

AHPRA number: MED0001780192

Dr Kathrin Rac is a published doctor with wide experience within the field of medicine and surgery. She values attention to detail and strives to achieve natural results always working in conjunction with clients to achieve their cosmetic goals. With an in-depth anatomical understanding of facial treatments and a holistic, personalised approach to treating each patient, Dr Rac is known for her meticulous attention to detail, her warmth and her high regard for patient wellbeing.

Dr Rac is an active member of M1 Akademie and is trained in both Australia and internationally in the latest injecting techniques for aesthetic treatments and a real expert.

Kathrine Rac

“I am so excited to combine my passion for aesthetic medicine with patient-centred care. It’s so rewarding to work with each patient, empowering them to achieve their cosmetic goals.”

Dr Shefauli Chauhan

Cosmetic Doctor

AHPRA number: MED0002062857

Dr Shefauli Chauhan is an Australian doctor trained in Queensland, Victoria and ACT. She joined M1 after completing her training in general surgery and psychiatry.  Dr Chauhan is passionate about empowering her patients by helping them to feel confident.  She listens to her patients and applies her specialist knowledge in order to help them achieve their desired result. She is constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in aesthetic medicine and applying that in her work.

Passionate about providing outstanding patient care and high quality results, Dr Chauhan is your perfect option when choosing aesthetic treatments in Sydney. Shefauli graduated from our M1 Akademie and is trained in the latest injecting techniques for aesthetic treatments.



Our mission is your beauty.

The goals of our qualified Cosmetic Doctors are to fulfil the beauty wishes of our patients with the best results and care at affordable prices.
In addition to performing medical aesthetic dermal filler and anti-wrinkle procedures, all M1 Cosmetic Doctors participate in regular training sessions to keep up to date with the latest products and treatment techniques.

Become an M1 Doctor

We are always looking for ambitious doctors to join our M1 team. 

If you are eager to learn, to become a specialist in Medical Aesthetics and work for the leading Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics company worldwide – apply via email.