Turn heads with strong new Jawline!

Turn heads with strong new Jawline!

Having a strong, defining jawline is one of the most desired looks out there. If you’ve ever wanted a gorgeous jawline of the likes of Keira Knightley and Brad Pitt, dermal filler could be the treatment for you! The Jawline helps to shape and define your facial profile and really affects the overall shape of your face. Having a powerful jawline can give off a youthful and sculpted appearance, however as we age this area tends to sag and lose form. 

Why does this happen?

There are multiple reasons as to why this occurs. This includes both internal and external factors. Internally, as we age the skin loses its volume and our muscles become overworked, affecting the appearance of the jawline. Also externally, factors such as smoking, dehydration, UV exposure and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can affect the jowls creating a saggier and older look to the jawline. 

How Dermal Filler helps

The filler used in this treatment helps to restore definition and shape to the part of your jaw that this is lost. It can also be injected into certain areas of the jaw to create symmetry and balance the look of the jaw. If you desire a balanced appearance this is the treatment for you!

At the Appointment 

When you come in for your one on one complimentary, you will have time to discuss what your desired outcome is and address any queries that you have. One of our many medical practitioners will assess your jawline and make a map of where the best places are to inject the filler. They will make sure that the spots where the injections are planned will help to sculpt and make a visible change to your face. 

The Treatment

The Doctor will inject along the jawline with a thick filler to create the desired shape and produce the look of a strong jaw. The Doctor will also massage the areas injected to assure that the filler sits and sets in the right place. The effects of the treatment will be visible straight away however it may take 2 to 3 days for it to come to its full effect. It is important to follow the aftercare rules that will be provided to you by the Doctor! This includes not receiving any facial massages, dental treatments and or any other cosmetic treatment on the area within the following weeks. DID YOU KNOW that if you drink water, this will better the result? The filler contains of hyaluronic acid and this draws in moisture. The more you drink, the stronger the effect, so stay hydrated! 

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