Let’s see what is trending in 2021!

Trending Treatments in 2021

There are many different types of treatment that you can receive at cosmetic beauty clinics to improve your beauty. If you are interested in enhancing your look, you may be wondering what treatments are currently trending in 2021. Here at M1 Med Beauty, we have an array of different anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments on offer to help you look your best in these difficult times. If you are needing a little pick me up amid this pandemic, come into one of our clinics and receive one of our trending treatments!

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have become a massive trend due to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, and the influence of Social media. They have presented how popular this treatment has become, and how mainstream it now is to get your lips done. This is an awesome treatment if you are wanting to look a bit more kissable! Evenly curved and full lips with clear contours look sensual and seductive. Lip fillers effectively change the shape and size of your lips, in accordance with your desired look, and the Doctor’s suggestions. Our dermal filler injections contain the natural substance hyaluronic acid which renders the procedure low-risk. If you would like to have your lips enhanced, balanced or even reduce lip wrinkles, our M1 Cosmetic Doctors will inform you in detail about the possibilities of lip filler treatments.

Facial Slimming

This treatment has multiple uses, making it a trend in 2021. The Jawline helps to frame the face and create a strong profile, and facial slimming helps to reduce oversized masseters creating a muscular jawline. The masseter muscles, located on either side of the jaw, are integral for chewing and holding the jaw in place. However, with excessive use they can become bigger, making the face appear wider. A facial slimming treatment utilising anti-wrinkle injections to the jaw, can help to reduce the size of these muscles and create a beautiful jawline. Other than slimming the jawline for beauty, this treatment helps those with bruxism, and can help clenching and grinding of the jaw, preventing tension headaches. 

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

This is one of the latest innovations in the cosmetic beauty world, and has been trending this year. Traditionally, the only way to make corrections to the nose was through surgical rhinoplasty. This invasive treatment was costly, time intensive, and required major downtime. Due to new developments in dermal filler consistency and injecting techniques, Cosmetic Doctors are now able to achieve similar results with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. As the nose is central to our faces, they determine the balance of our faces. Imperfections in the shape or appearance of the nose, can be frustrating and affect our self confidence. A non-surgical rhinoplasty can shape the nose, smooth out any bumps and lift the tip of the nose. 

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