Blog: How to get date-ready

Top treatments for your first date

So your Tinder match has finally asked you out on your first date. He is incredibly drop dead gorgeous with blue piercing eyes, 6 foot 2, hot body – basically the man of your dreams. You are excited but so nervous at the same time. The date is next weekend and you are thinking of ways to get you ready to go on this date, because let’s face it – the last date you agreed to go on was about four months ago!

It seems like this time for sure, you want to feel your best and as confident as possible. Not to say that you are not as nearly as attractive as your upcoming date, but you just need a bit of ‘spruce me up’ time. At M1 Med Beauty, we may have a few solutions to get you ready on your romantic and fun dating life. 

Firstly, this is our top-fave treatment – dermal lip fillers. Its popularity stems from basically the amazing results that are produced, as with 1ml you will be able to achieve plump and voluminous lips. Our cosmetic doctors can go through the different products that would suit you best during your consultation. Product A is $279 and product B is $319 per 1ml. With this investment, you will definitely extend beyond your first date, as lip fillers are designed to last you a good several 4-9 month period. Now the best advice we could give you is to ensure you maintain your aftercare instructions. This means plenty of fluids, no drinking or smoking for 48 hours and definitely no solarium or sun-tanning. For any individuals experiencing bruising or swelling, please note this will reduce within 2-3 days so don’t stress out. We have a guarantee that once your date sees you, he will not stop checking out your lips. If he has not complimented you, he sure is thinking how gorgeous you truly are. 

Secondly, other treatments that you may be looking at a week prior to your date night is a lip filler. This treatment would compliment the results of your dermal lip fillers, as the end result is a given pout. The shape of your lips would be more defined too, which is seen through your cupid’s bow. Both of these treatments can be done within the same appointment as the cosmetic doctor will administer anti-wrinkle product to complete the job. The appointment for your lip dermal filler or lip flip will take under less than 30 minutes. 

As anti-wrinkle treatments take around 14 days to maximize its effectiveness, you could still benefit from injectables for the frown, forehead or crow’s feet lines. Obviously, we all know how it is in the dating world. We want to make sure our potential prospect sees us to have a youthful and refreshed complexion. With this being said, there will be a possibility of you going on a second and third date, so by the second date, most of your fine lines or wrinkles will dramatically disappear. Hopefully, during this phase you will look in the mirror with more confidence than ever.

As far as cosmetic treatments go, if you prefer a more organic approach to getting ready for your date, you may suggest looking into our M1 Select skincare range which is designed by doctors at our head office in Europe. We have a serum containing hyaluronic acid or daytime creams which could boost a glow to your own skin. If you head to one of our clinics, you could easily purchase a pack of three products which are of great value. 

So there you have it, some advice that can get you even more ready to feel the confident woman you were born to be. It’s not only about the date coming up, but remember we want to ensure you wake up feeling more confident than ever in the long-term. We hope to see you for a complimentary consultation and we hope you enjoy our range of treatments. Furthermore, we hope to see you enjoy your upcoming date!

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