Blog: Lips like a Celebrity?

Top 5 Most requested celebrity lips

Social media has been a major influence to the popularity of Lip filler treatments. Many influencers and Celebrities have been using dermal filler to enhance their facial features and lip filler has been a massive trend online due to this. Many customers draw inspiration from Celebrities’ enhanced lips when coming in for a lip filler appointment. Here are some of the most requested Celebrity lips to help you decide how you would like your enhancement results to be achieved!

  1. Kylie Jenner: When you hear the name Kylie Jenner, you most likely associate her with her famous lips and their transformation. Although there has been much speculation as to how she achieved these lips, it has been confirmed that they were non surgically enhanced and achieved by using dermal filler! This is noticeable as her lips grew over time. When treating lips over a few appointments, the lips grow in volume each time and can produce a natural and beautifully voluminous appearance. This is why here at M1 Med Beauty, we allow 1ml of lip filler to be injected into the lips at each appointment as results are best achieved this way.
  1. Angeline Jolie: This gorgeous celebrity is known for her big, luscious lips and her lip look is highly requested here at M1 Med Beauty. For those customers wanting more pout, and full volume, this is the go to look. The bottom lip is a lot larger than the top lip creating a very pouty appearance. The top and bottom lips are well proportioned and natural looking, however very voluminous.

  1. Christina Aguilera: This singer’s voice is not the only talk of the town. Christina is known for having her lips enhanced by the use of dermal filler and has become an inspiration to many to receive lip fillers. Previously to her lip fillers, she sported a less volumized top lip. After treatment, she has achieved a very prominent cupid’s bow and kisseable full lips.

  1. Rhianna: Rhianna’s fierce and sexy image is a major influence to the general public. She is constantly serving us looks, and gorgeous new beauty products for all. Her lips have featured in many of her beauty campaigns and are highly requested at cosmetic clinics. Her lips feature a very chiseled cupid’s bow making the lips a starring feature of the face. They are also full in the centre and naturally symmetrical. This can all be achieved with lip fillers at M1 Med Beauty.
  1. Kerry Washington: This star has wow-factor lips! Many customers are wanting the big and full look that Kerry has. The top lip is almost as full as the bottom, while still looking natural and symmetrical. Receiving treatment to achieve a look like this would be best over a few sessions to build up the lips in size and volume. If you are wanting a soft, but plump look, this is it!

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