Social Media and Filler Treatments

Social Media and Filler Treatments

You may be noticing that Dermal filler has grown in popularity in the past few years, to the point where it is now the norm to get cosmetic injections. Whether it be your Mum receiving cheek fillers, your best friend enhancing her lips with filler, or your Uncle receiving Jawline filler, it is now a common procedure amongst the beauty community, alike getting your nails or eyelashes done. A massive contributor to the popularity growth surrounding dermal fillers has been social media. 

How Social Media has impacted Dermal Filler popularity

As technology thrives in our present society, we are constantly online and information always at our fingertips. Our phones act as mini computers, accompanying us 24/7 and social media has become an everyday activity, giving us a platform to share our interests and knowledge. Due to this, social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and predominantly Instagram have hugely impacted global trends, especially within the cosmetic world. As the general public have shared their happiness with results from dermal filler treatments and their enhancing qualities, more and more people have been turning to dermal filler to define their features. Word has gotten round about the harmless and gorgeous results of these treatments and this has helped make dermal filler treatments normalised in society and extremely popular amongst younger audiences as they are the main social media demographic. The most common dermal filler treatment amongst customers at our clinic in their 20’s – 30’s are lip fillers and this has become a trend on Instagram recently. 

Celebrity and Influencer Promotions

When many people think of dermal filler treatments, they often link this to celebrities as many of those in the public eye have used filler to enhance their features. Dermal filler has become majorly popularised by the Kardashians. Kylie Jenner has greatly influenced younger audiences to receive filler as she is known for dramatically changing her facial features over the years, leaving everyone wondering how she achieved this. Kylie admitted in 2015 that she has not been under the knife, however that she had received facial dermal fillers. She has been a great model for the cosmetic world, as she exemplifies just how much you can enhance your features and increase beauty through non-invasive methods such as dermal filler. These days, many celebrities worldwide turn to filler treatments to maintain a young and beautiful appearance, and are honest about this via their social media. Likewise, social media influencers are doing exactly the same as they promote self confidence and beauty by collaborating with Cosmetic clinics, such as M1 Med Beauty, to give in depth showcases of the procedures at the clinics. This has helped these reformed cosmetic procedures reach a larger audience and grow in popularity internationally. 

Here at M1 Med Beauty, we have worked with social media influencers such as Ayla Cally to show our customers how our procedures are done. Jump online and head to our social media to have a look!