Skinbooster treatment for that extra hydration

Radical Hydration – How skin fillers are changing

At M1 Med Beauty Australia, we offer dermal filler solutions to enhance each facial area respectively to the treatment itself. For instance, in the case of cheek or lip dermal fillers, the product is injected beneath the skin to give definition, shape or volume of the face. If you are looking for an overall solution to help improve the smooth complexion and hydration of your skin, wrinkle and fine lines reduction, and reduction of acne scars – the Skinbooster is your go-to-treatment. With Skinboosters, the dermal filler product is injected into the skin. 

Who is this treatment suitable for?

We advise the Skinbooster can be administered to individuals who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. We highly recommend this treatment if you have always had insecurities about your skin complexion more than issues of noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. This means that if you experience disposition to a lot of frowning or have wrinkles in multiple areas near your forehead, we would recommend another treatment using botulinum toxin (anti-wrinkle treatments for forehead, frown or crow’s feet in particular). 

The Skinbooster treatment is applied differently amongst various clinics. The technique our cosmetic doctors use at M1 Med Beauty Australia is updated as we will inject the Skinbooster solution around multiple touchpoints on your skin layer. Fine needles are used containing anesthesia, so you would feel minimal pain. After the treatment, you may experience minor swelling or irritation on the administered points. This will of course disappear within 2-3 days at the most, depending on the reaction of the product. 

Is the treatment effective?

This treatment is designed to be completed within three sessions at spaced out intervals of one month between the next. The effectiveness of the skin results will be obvious once all three stages are completed. You will find the results will last a duration of at least 4-9 months, depending on the individual and how fast your metabolism is. 

Are Skinboosters safe? 

The product we use is minimal-invasive to your body. We offer Cosmetic Doctors to do the job so you will feel safe in the hands of qualified and trained physicians. The side effects are minimal, which include: redness on skin temporarily or bruising which will fade either within hours or a few days. Hence, expect no to little  recovery time after this treatment. We highly recommend following all three stages of the treatment to cater for best results. 

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