Not every lip shape fits every style

Not every lip shape fits every style

So you’ve heard all about the benefits of lip filler, you’ve seen your favourite celebrities sporting enhanced lips, and you are booked in for an appointment to receive lip fillers, how exciting! Although it is not commonly known, it is important to note before coming in for an appointment, that not every lip shape fits every lip style. 

Although you may be wanting Rhianna’s gorgeous cupid’s bow, or Angeline Jolie’s pouty lips, your natural lip shape can sometimes only be enhanced to a certain extent or in a certain way. When you book in for a complimentary consultation here at M1 Med Beauty, our Cosmetic Doctors will analyse your lips and explain in detail what lip style may be best suited to you and how you can achieve similar results to your desired look. Here is a breakdown as to why lip shapes are important when achieving certain lip styles: 


Everybody has different lips and natural proportions vary from patient to patient. It is common (with exceptions) for most people to have lips that are a ratio of 1:3 to 2:3 for the top lip, versus the bottom lip, while people of colour often have a ratio of 1:1, like the beautiful Kerry Washington. When examining the face, it is important to take the facial proportions into account when deciding where to inject the dermal filler. Other facial features play a massive role in this. If you are someone with quite distinct or striking facial features, bigger and bolder lips may suit you well. However, if you have more petite features, a large lip may look unbalanced. Our Doctors at M1 Med Beauty are professionally trained in injecting the lips in a way that will both enhance your lips to look natural yet full, and to in turn, enhance your face as a whole. 

Symmetry and Balance

Another factor that must be taken into account is symmetry and balance. Let’s say you absolutely adore Christina Aguilera’s pronounced cupids bow and you are wanting lip enhancements to achieve this look. This may be achievable for those who have a larger area between their top lip and nose, however yours is quite a small area and will look unbalanced. In this case the Doctor may suggest other ways to treat you that would suit your facial proportions to best enhance your beauty, while creating a cupid’s bow that doesn’t interfere with the symmetry of your face. It is great to have inspiration from our lip idols, however at an appointment it is best to apply this look to your lips in a way that best suits you, as you are our number one priority! 

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