Many Manjectables at M1 Med Beauty

Many Manjectables at M1 Med Beauty

With the world of Cosmetic Beauty growing in popularity, injectables are now not only common amongst women, but are for men too! This is commonly known as manjectables. As our society is changing, we are turning away from the old prejudice that beauty is for women only and embracing the idea that everyone can be and feel beautiful, regardless of gender. Although there are pre-misconceptions that cosmetic beauty treatments are simply for enhancing the facial features of women, there are many ways to inject dermal filler around Men’s faces to increase beauty and create an attractive appearance and this is where the term ‘Manjectables’ has sprung from. 

The most common treatments for men include Jawline Filler treatment, Chin filler and Cheek filler. Here’s a little bit more information on these treatments and how they have been helping men boost their self- confidence!

Jawline Filler: The jawline area is one of the most common areas to receive dermal filler as it is a defining facial feature for men. By injecting filler along certain points of the jawline, our experienced Doctors are able to achieve a stronger, more defined and masculine Jawline. It can create balance for those with slightly lopsided jaws and can give off that powerful, strong look you have been wanting. Our treatments are all inclusive! If you do not want a masculine jawline, our Doctor’s can tailor the treatment to you to create a defined yet slim jawline. 

Chin Filler: Receiving chin filler can give you a whole new appearance! It is common amongst men as the chin area is usually desired to be poignant and strong. A defined chin can create symmetry within the face as it is directly centred to the face. This treatment, along with Jawline filler can give men a really great facial structure and can really make a visible, yet natural looking change to the face. 

Cheek filler: Have you ever wanted those striking cheekbones like Johnny Depp? Cheek filler is the treatment for you. This treatment is a real game changer when sculpting the face. By injecting dermal filler along the cheekbone, we can create a defined and structured cheekbone. This treatment is perfect for men wanting a bit more structure to their mid face. 

Manjectables have been growing in favour amongst men worldwide, helping to boost a positive self-image for many. Come and get your manjectables at M1 Med Beauty today!