Blogpost: Lustrous lips for Men

Lustrous lips for Men

Lip Fillers aren’t just for Women! There is a taboo surrounding men receiving cosmetic treatments, especially the areas that are deemed “girly” such as the lips, however fillers can really help both men and women. 

Augmentations to the lips can be really beneficial to the face as they provide volume and can perfect any imperfections. There are misconceptions out there that have made people associate big puffy lips with lip injections. Many cosmetic treatments, including ours at our clinics are very natural looking. Majority of the treatments we do at M1 are for customers wanting a plumper yet natural look. Also, if you have asymmetrical lips this can be treated to create a symmetrical look. DID YOU KNOW? Studies have shown that a symmetrical face makes you seem more attractive to others! M1 Med Beauty offers a free consultation to all customers wanting to know more about a treatment they are interested in. One of our Cosmetic Doctors will assess your lips and advise you how they can best perform the treatment for you to achieve your desired look. 

There is a misconception that lip filler for men are different to fillers for women. This is incorrect! The lip product, treatment and process is exactly the same. We use Hyaluronic acid for our lip injections. This is a substance that is found naturally in our skin that draws in moisture. Not only does this mean what we inject is completely harmless, but you are not having to go through any invasive treatment to achieve the look. Healing is also very minimal, sometimes there is a bit of bruising or swelling, but after a few days you will be good as new! The process is easy peasy for you and us.

When you visit us at one of our clinics, one of our Doctor’s will carefully assess the area and decide where is best to inject the dermal filler. They will apply numbing cream, however we use micro needles so there is hardly any pain. Then they will inject the product in small injections in these specific areas. You will be given aftercare instructions to follow which are important if you want the best possible result. These results will last 4-9 months as the product dissolves harmlessly, then you can receive more treatment if you desire. Lip injections have boosted many men’s confidence worldwide and can help to shine a positive light on your self image. 

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