Hailey and her M1 experience

Journey of a M1 Lip-filler Patient

With so many clinics out there, who to trust in providing me the best lip results possible? Thorough research is necessary to finding the perfect place to receive lip-filler treatments. One must look into the qualifications of the nurse or doctor, the previous work they have completed, what products the clinic offers, and testimonies of previous clients. My name is Hailey and I am 22 years of age. I have been requested to provide insight about what it feels like to be a client of M1 Med Beauty Australia. 

Naturally, I have okay lips. By this I mean the shape is great, it’s just my upper lip is quite thin and the bottom could also use a little more volume. At first, I had no idea which clinic would be best for me. Given that I am based in Melbourne, I read into M1 from their google business page. At the time I did my research, they had a rating of 4.9 stars and had the most affordable pricing I could imagine. Most other clinics in Melbourne held a rating of 4 stars at the most and their treatments start from average $500. To me, I was a bit skeptical but after reading all of M1’s reviews, I thought it would be worth a shot to book in for an appointment. To my luck, they had an availability pretty much the same day I wanted so there I was booked in to see Dr. Sam Clark on the Thursday arvo of December last year. 

My first experience was so positive that is why I would like to share some insights with you as there a lot of individuals who get a bit confused when it comes to researching an ideal dermal filler clinic. Anyways, the first thing you would notice when you arrive is the level of professionalism at the front desk. Their friendly receptionist team would genuinely greet you with a smile and ask you to fill in a medical form. I think this is great as within the form, it asks to specify precise information which would be valuable to the doctor during the consultation. Be sure to answer accurately and honestly too!

So I get taken into their beautiful treatment room and the doctor goes through a thorough analysis as to what look I am trying to achieve for my lips. Dr Sam Clark is fabulous in his way of consulting in understanding my needs, as his level of professionalism is immediately obvious. At that point, I remember feeling very comfortable as he eased my pre-anxiety/nerves which is exactly what you want from your doctor. So after numbing cream was applied (thank goodness for numbing cream), we decided to go for 1ml as that would provide a natural look for the upper and bottom lip. Tiny needles were then inserted at the targeted areas and honestly I did not feel any pain because the procedure itself was taken within a few minutes. So after the area was cleaned away, I look at the mirror and I was absolutely in love with my new lips. Perfect size and shape was defined evenly. 

I was given an ice pack to use in the waiting room for a couple of minutes and an aftercare instruction sheet. When I got home, my family noticed my lips straight away and they complimented on them surprisingly. They did not complain but rather said the volume was great! This is exactly what I was hoping for as I was a bit hesitant of getting huge lips to be honest. 

So my first experience was really positive and the results of these lip fillers lasted me roughly six months. I have definitely booked in for my top up treatment and I will opt for 1mL again. I can’t wait to have refreshed lips again and if it is one thing I would say to curious individuals, it would be: “Look no further, the lip filler treatments are all done by doctors. They absolutely know what they are doing, they are the best in their field, my results still look amazing – so why not book in your free consultation today?”

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