Blog: Injectable myths we need to get straight

Injectables Myth Busters

  1. Fillers make you look plastic

One cannot assume that all fillers make you look artificial or a ‘fake Barbie’. There is a small minority of individuals who have gone the extra mile with excessive number of dermal filler treatments consecutively. However, they do not speak for the majority of clients who actually seek for the natural look. At M1 Med Beauty, our doctors provide the most honest advice to our clients and their suggestions are based on what will look proportional to the rest of your facial features. They have years of injecting and would assist you with choosing the best dosage or treatment product for you, ensuring the best results. By this, clients come out looking even better than they did when they walked in. 

  1. Filler injections are painful

We have first time customers and existing customers who show signs of nervousness or anxiety because of bad experiences with other inexperienced nurses/doctors from another clinic. However, at M1 Med Beauty, we trust in our doctors as they use high quality dermal filler product with anesthetic built-in properties. Prior to your treatment, you may be offered numbing cream and during the appointment as the doctors use very fine needles, you will barely feel any pain. Therefore, pre-assumptions you had will be clearly gone as you discover the treatment you just received was quick, effective and painless!

  1. Fillers are permanent

While we at M1 are confident with our results, we may come across very particular clients who want the look a particular way. Please keep in mind all dermal fillers are reversible, but the only way we would proceed with this is if you experience a negative side effect or have medical complications from your treatment. Generally, this is highly unlikely. But if the opportunity presents itself for dissolver treatment – given the nature of these products containing hyaluronic acid, we can easily use the dissolver which carries hyaluronidase to eradicate the acid. 

  1. Fillers always cause side effects

We require all patients to fill out a medical form outlining their existing conditions because the doctor needs to assess if you present yourself healthy to undergo treatment with us. If everything seems good, the treatment will provide a positive outcome. Side effects are generally rare in healthy adult individuals. There is a chance you will experience swelling or bruising after the treatment, but this is normal and will disappear within one week. In most cases this lasts for only three to four days on average. The swelling or bruising is not excessive, so even if you wanted to go back to the office after your treatment, you are welcome to do so. However, we ask you to not participate in high intensity activities at the gym or outdoors for 48 hours after your treatment. 

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