How your earlobes might benefit from Dermal Filler

How your earlobes might benefit from Dermal Filler

Dermal filler is known for treating the face area, and is extremely popular for enhancing areas such as the cheeks, jawline and lips. However did you know that dermal filler can also be used to treat your earlobes? This may seem like a hidden secret among the cosmetic world as many people have not heard of it, yet it is growing in popularity amongst the general public! Here’s some information on how dermal filler injected in the ear lobes can enhance their appearance and boost your confidence! 

Why is this treatment great?

Just like our face, neck and chest area, our earlobes are also prone to showing signs of aging. As we age our earlobes can reveal brown spots, they can sag and our earring piercings can become elongated. These can give off an unattractive appearance and can really affect our confidence. As the ears are close to the face, they are commonly noticed when interacting with others and having these appearances can cause people to feel self conscious. A great example of this is Kris Jenner! She recently revealed to the public that she was unhappy with her large and limp ear lobes. She has expressed that receiving dermal filler in her ear lobes has helped her gain her confidence back. This treatment may also help those who have had stretcher earrings in their ears, as it can reduce the whole area and improve healing. 

How does the treatment work?

Here at M1 Med Beauty, we offer complimentary consultations with our Cosmetic Doctors. At your appointment, the Doctor will discuss your concerns with the area and advise you about the injection procedure. The Doctor will then examine your earlobes and mark where will be best to inject the dermal filler. In most cases of sagging, the ears may only need a couple quick injections around the earring hole. This will return volume to the area and create a youthful, plump appearance. In the case of having a larger earring hole or excessive stretching, treatment may work best over a few appointments to build up volume and create a tighter appearance. Once the filler is injected, Doctors advise using a hyaluronic serum to apply over the ears to further improve the appearance. This natural substance is used in our injections and increases moisture collection in the area, increasing volume and delaying aging. This treatment usually lasts around 6 – 12 months. This is longer than our facial fillers as the ear lobes do not move as much. 

If you are constantly keeping your ears behind your hair and are unhappy about their appearance, book in for a complimentary consultation at M1 Med Beauty today and let those ears come out of hiding!