Blog: Why M1 Med Beauty is the perfect choice!

How to pick the right cosmetic clinic?

Dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments are trending everywhere on our social feeds, and the likes of our favorite celebrities like the Kardashians, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston constantly remind us that it is okay to opt for non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Surely different preferences will be evident across all individuals as to what the perfect nose, lips, jawline or cheekbones look like. Lately, we are looking out for quick fix solutions to help us improve our confidence, drop a few years off our aging timeline, and enhance facial features to improve definition, structure and volume. 

Before we thought it was only popular in the celebrity and world of influencers, but in Australia there are more and more premium clinics opening across different states. The niche for cosmetic procedures are being welcomed globally across demographics, it is no wonder we often ask ourselves ‘where is the best clinic to go to?’ or ‘how do I come out looking like a goddess from a movie scene?’. In this blog we will provide some tips for you to help you pick the best cosmetic clinic. 

Firstly, not every clinic you go to will bring you a smile after every visit. At M1 Med Beauty, we have seen new clients who unfortunately have reported of their ‘frozen-face mishaps’, ‘over-exaggerated lips’ or ‘lop-sided face’ from another clinic! After their initial consultation, we can immediately see that overused product has been administered, lack of training of the technique these injectors use, and also lack of understanding from what clients are seeking for.

You would assume that dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments are an effective quick fix but not every result will be pleasant for the client if they end up forgetting to do research on their cosmetic injector. Lately, we have seen that a lot of skincare clinics in Australia have trained their employees to undertake a certification for injectables. After this quick training, they end up working for these popular clinics attracting their existing clientele. As they do not specialise in this field, their cosmetic nurses usually have a basic understanding for the facial anatomy. 

We do not want to show prejudice biases towards the skills of nurses or beauticians, but unfortunately we have seen so many of M1 Med Beauty’s clients come in complaining about their unpleasant experience. For this reason, we would like to affirm our clients or any new customers looking to come to our clinics that we do not hire nurses. All of our injectors are actually trained and qualified cosmetic doctors. Yes, we mean all. The reason is our doctors go through rigorous and extensive training in Europe and Australia with other qualified physicians to study in depth about facial anatomy, injecting techniques and product knowledge. The training delivers the most advanced technique for dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments which is no wonder our clients always ask us how come they did not feel any pain during the treatment compared to the previous clinic they went to.  

Many places in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney will often try to upsell more dermal filler or anti-wrinkle treatments that do not actually suit your face structure. Our clients have informed us on many occasions they were overcharged a few thousand dollars for a face transformation that was never requested in the first place. They just bought into what the injector recommended to find out they were not happy with their results. Nevertheless, all cosmetic doctors at M1 Med Beauty are known to be experts when it comes to balancing symmetrical results. We want to ensure our clients look great with natural and lasting results, compared to an extreme artificial look which is not beneficial for you in the long term. There are clients who ask for over 3mls per session and sometimes that will not suit the individual as they previously had a lot of dermal filler product in the span of less or equal to three months. Therefore, we hold great integrity when it comes to providing a professional service at all our clinics. We only offer the best advice for our clients, and trust us for making you look the best version of yourself without going severely over the top. This means an affordable and effective result!

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