Blogpost:How to get rid of undereye bags?

How to get rid of undereye bags?

So you are experiencing issues with visible under eye bags and you are quite sick of applying concealer every day. Facing the dark truths of aging can be a tough one for some individuals, so now you might be asking what works best. With recent medical updated technologies, there are many options to choose from but sometimes it may not be the safest for individuals. 

We can tell you for starters that no amount of anti-wrinkle product will eliminate the appearance of tear troughs. In America, there has not been success in using these treatments to get rid of this. The anti-wrinkle treatments are designed to freeze the muscles in the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet areas. There is effectiveness in only treating the upper region of your face. However when it comes to undereye bags, there is another way in improving its appearance. This can be evident in dermal filler treatments. 

The first treatment that can reduce your under eye is when the cosmetic doctor inserts dermal filler product directly on your tear trough. This is between the lower eyelid and cheeks. The dermal filler helps to fill in areas where volume has been lost, minimizes the look of eye bags and dark circles too. If you are concerned about the pain of the treatment, please be advised the doctor will use numbing cream and all the dermal filler product actually contain lidocaine which is a local anesthetic. The whole procedure takes within 15 minutes and there is no recovery time required. Swelling or bruising may be experienced in the first 2-3 days of the treatment and therefore we ask you to follow the after care instructions. Please note this treatment is not entirely suitable for everyone. It is advised you would come in for a free consultation with our cosmetic doctor to ensure this treatment will provide you the best results. 

Alternatively, most of our patients think that tear trough is the only solution to eliminating their problem around the undereyes area. It is not until they attend our clinics that are informed by their cosmetic doctor that having a dermal cheek filler can provide great results and generate volume around the critical area. By this, treating the cheek area often provides great supper to your under-eye area, as volume loss occurs on the fat pads from the lateral face. Dermal cheek fillers last a good several months and it is usually an effective solution for the majority of our patients. Feel free to speak to our doctor to see if this treatment would be more effective in your situation compared to having the tear-trough dermal filler enhancement. 

If you are concerned or not sure yet about receiving dermal filler treatment, another way of potentially having improved appearance of less under-eye bags is perhaps starting to use an eye cream designed for the tear trough area. At M1 Med Beauty Australia, we have a complimentary skincare range to our treatments. M1 Select is the name of the range that was designed by our doctors. Our eye cream is unique in the sense that it will help brighten your skin and hydrate it overnight. The product has anti-ageing ingredients and is the last step in your skincare regime. Use only a minimal amount and expect to see a change in results between 6-8 weeks of using the product. Our clients love the product as they stated that it helped reduce appearance of wrinkles, boost suppleness into skin and helps with hydration too. 

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