Blogpost: How to achieve beautiful cheeks with dermal filler

How to achieve beautiful cheeks with dermal filler

High cheekbones are considered very beautiful as it really frames the whole of your face and adds emphasis of a dramatic profile. The mid-cheek acts as an advantageous role in supporting the lower eyelid and also may induce better appearance of the under-eye bags. However, as we enter the aging process, we may have a tendency to lose facial volume making us appear dull and look tired. Many occasions, you look at yourself in the mirror and come across the feeling that your face feels droopy or flattened. The reasons behind this are due to your body not producing enough collagen and elastin. 

Within younger individuals, one may have a desire to achieve enhanced cheek proportions as well as facial balance. For such a long time, dermal filler on cheeks have been known to be popular treatments amongst many high profile celebrities and Australian influencers. Dermal fillers are a quick and effective solution to restore cheek volume back to exactly where it belongs. Not only that, but new patients prefer this treatment as it is more affordable than surgically inserting cheek implants. 

At, M1 Med Beauty Australia, we use dermal fillers to transform the shape, volumise and enhance your cheeks to provide instantaneous positive results!

How do cheek dermal fillers work?

During your appointment with one of our cosmetic doctors, dermal filler will be injected onto the cheek area using very fine needles or a cannula. Our dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance already found in your own body. Based on your preference of what look or results you want to achieve, a different dosage will be administered accordingly. You have the option of choosing between 1-3mls accounted for on both cheek sides. Only patients who suffer from volume loss would need the highest doses of dermal filler.

Do cheek fillers hurt?

First time patients may have pre-nerves prior to getting cheek fillers done. However, you are in safe hands as the doctor only use dermal filler containing anesthetic properties. This allows the insertion of thin needles to be transferred with minimal pain or no pain at all according to most patients. The treatment itself is known to be quick and non-invasive.

How long do the treatments last?

With the dermal filler injections, the results are instantaneous. The best results will be seen after a few days. There may be some bruising or swelling depending on the individual, but this will disappear within a few days. The doctors will go through aftercare instructions with you to ensure positive results. We guarantee the treatment will last you 4-9 months. Each individual experiences different results from one another, but we do recommend seeking a follow up appointment when necessary. 

Dermal filler for cheeks start from only $369 so why not book in a free consultation appointment today.