Blog: No one wants hanging earlobes

Hanging earlobes? No more with dermal fillers

When it comes to dermal fillers, we think of contouring our facial structure to enhance its features. We think about pouting lips and high cheekbones. We think about celebrities and social influencers. Recently in America there is now a start of a trend to reduce the appearance of hanging earlobes. For those individuals who are guilty for wearing excessive earrings since childhood until adult years, they might feel that their ear lobes have stretched out completely. When your earrings have been removed, you might notice a droopy appearance which seems a bit odd. Hence, at M1 Med Beauty we will eventually introduce earlobe treatments with dermal filler to assist with this arising problem. 

Hyaluronic acid is present in the dermal filler product for the earlobe treatment, which is the same substance found in all effective lip filler and cheek treatments. As the aging process cannot be avoided, just as an individual may find loss of elasticity and collagen on their face, same principles are uncovered for the earlobe region. When someone has hanging earlobes, they can’t seem to wear earrings anymore and this becomes a hassle that’s for sure. Especially women who love to wear oversized hooped-earrings have damaged their earlobe so it will not fit without excessively pulling the earlobe even more. 

During the treatment, numbing cream will be applied to make sure you are feeling comfortable as you might be sensitive to receiving treatment. The cosmetic doctor will use very fine needles and insert in the area of where the earlobe seems deflated. Only a small amount of product will need to be administered on both sides. The procedure will be conducted within a span of the 30 minute appointment which is the same time required for a lip filler or cheek filler treatment. Obviously, we allocate enough time for your initial consultation as the doctor will go through your medical history and ask about any allergy issues. 

Expect no recovery time at all, and the procedure itself is painless for the majority of clients. Minor bruising or swelling may be present for only a minority group of patients, and if this occurs please expect a few days for the symptoms to disappear. The cosmetic doctor will provide after-care instructions and we hope you will go through them during the week post-procedure, ensuring that you will benefit from the most effective results. The most important thing to remember is to not wear any earrings for one whole week. 

Regarding the effectiveness of the treatment, the results will last anywhere from 4-9 months which is determined from patient to patient. We encourage patients to come to our clinic every year to review the results and see how else we can help to achieve desired outcomes. The treatment will be available to anyone really (excluding pregnant women and also individuals who are in the stages of breastfeeding). 

Interested in earlobe rejuvenation? Contact your M1 clinic today and book your complimentary consultation.