Blog:Winter skin treatments

Get out of your winter slump by giving your skin a bit of a plump.

With the harsh wind and cold weather that comes with Winter, our skin is left crying out for help! Winter can really wreak havoc on our skin by causing immense dryness, irritation and the wind can especially dry out your skin stripping it of all its moisture. The ruthless conditions outside can leave your skin feeling raw and undernourished and then once you are inside the artificial heat can strip your skin of all of its moisture. Luckily M1 Med Beauty has got your back through this icy season. Here at M1 we have many products and treatments that are perfect to help your skin regain that supple, soft feel it once had in the warmer weathers. 

Here at M1 Med Beauty we have a medical skin care range that is perfect to treat your tired skin and protect it from the elements. Our products are scientifically designed with specific ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to your skin. They are also designed in accordance with the treatments that we offer at our clinics so they are perfect to use to help sustain your results from your treatment with us!

Our M1 Select Pure Rich Cream is the perfect winter moisturizer to get your skin back in the game! This cream is formulated with a thick, rich texture and uses Hyaluronic acid with molecular weights to replenish your stressed and dry skin and improve moisture in their deeper levels of the epidermis. It also includes an innovative peptide complex that stimulates natural collagen production thereby minimizing fine lines and keeping your skin looking youthful and renewed. 

Apply a thicker layer for a deep moisturising face mask.” – Doctor Julia Holzfus, Aesthetic management at M1 Med Beauty. 

We also have a great serum to help protect your skin from the wind and cold! Our M1 Select Shield Serum is a great antioxidant protector against environmental skin ageing! This serum creates a protective shield against harmful natural elements such as environmental factors, toxins and heavy metals. It also incorporates plant extracts which act as a protective shield by neutralising free radicals, ridding micro-inflammation and helps to prevent premature skin ageing. By applying just a few drops to the face, neck and decollete 1 to 2 times a day, you can really help those vulnerable areas which are usually exposed throughout the day. This serum is a must have in your preventative skincare routine. 

M1 Med Beauty also offers a treatment that is ideal for the winter months. This is our Skinbooster treatment. This treatment is perfect for erasing those years of damage from pollution, diet, stress and modern life and can return that radiant appearance you’ve been longing for. Skinbooster is made of a clear gel from Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body and it has a major role in attracting water in our body and providing hydration to our skin. This treatment is best for the peri-oral and cheek area and works gradually to improve the skin’s quality by maintaining natural hydration levels from within, which can be a major help in winter when our skin really goes through the tough of it. Winter is the driest season for our skin and it is important to keep our skin hydrated to be healthy. Not only this, but Skinbooster can also help with reducing fine lines and acne scars and improves elasticity!

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