Defining the Jaw: A guide to Jawline Filler

Defining the Jaw: A guide to Jawline Filler

So it is past Christmas and New Year’s festivities. You feel like you may have over-indulged with alcoholic beverages and constant walk of shame with your fun food antics. In your mind, you are probably thinking:  “how do I get rid of this double chin?” Another question, “how do I have a more defined jawline and not look so droopy?” 

At M1 Med Beauty, we would like to encourage you and let you know you are not alone. The midlife crisis can stop right there.

We get a lot of clients in their mid 30’s-40s who want to achieve a more contoured face. Because your jawline can have a loss of definition over time, with the help of dermal filler injectables, you will be able to achieve definition and shape. 

What happens during my appointment?

Each individual will be assessed by a qualified Cosmetic Doctor. You will be asked what look you are trying to achieve. We have a different range of products that would suit you, but the thicker dermal filler is administered along your jawline. Numbing cream is first applied and dermal filler is injected, which keeps your skin hydrated and plump. The process takes within a few minutes. Your doctor will go through aftercare instructions after the procedure and if you need to follow up, your receptionist will book you in within 14 days of treatment. 

How long does it last?

As each individual will obtain different results, generally we advise results of dermal filler will last anywhere between 4-9 months. The filler naturally breaks down within your body so if you require a top-up treatment, feel free to let us know to rebook your appointment. 

Is this suitable for me?

We recommend coming in for a free consultation to discuss more about this treatment. We rather prefer to get an understanding of the results you would like to achieve, therefore an assessment in person would be helpful. 

Feel free to book your initial appointment with M1 today at any of our Melbourne or Sydney clinics.