Blogpost: Cosmetic Treatments for the Mouth Area

Cosmetic Treatments for the Mouth Area

It is commonly known that cosmetic treatments can benefit the face and they are used often to treat the cheeks, forehead and lips. But did you know how cosmetic treatments can benefit the mouth area? If you are self conscious about your mouth or the skin around it and it’s appearance then you may be ready for a cosmetic treatment to help you gain your confidence back. Our treatments at M1 Med Beauty can help you to look and feel your best. We believe everyone should love their smile! Here are some treatments that will benefit your mouth/smile. 

Marionette Lines

The marionette lines extend from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. These are caused by the loss of fat and volume in the buccal fat pad near the mouth. Everyone’s marionette lines are different as skin elasticity and even genetics plays a large part in how pronounced they can be. As we age, the buccal pad naturally reduces in volume, making the face appear gaunt and aged. External factors such as dehydration, smoking and excess alcohol intake can have an detrimental impact on the marionette lines allowing them to appear more pronounced. A marionette lines treatment with dermal filler can help to replace this lost volume, reducing the lines and restoring a more youthful appearance.

Gummy Smile

You may be thinking, what is a gummy smile? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. If you are finding that when you smile you are self conscious of the amount of gums that are showing, then this treatment will benefit you greatly. Gummy smile occurs when the muscles above the mouth are hyperactive, pulling up the top lip. Not only can this be physically uncomfortable, but it is not aesthetically pleasing when a person smiles. A treatment of anti-wrinkle injections targeted into this hyperactive muscle relaxes it, allowing the lip to sit naturally. This treatment will create a beautiful, natural smile where the lips, gums and teeth are proportionate. Yep that’s right. There’s no need to spend a load of money at the dentist, when a few micro-injections will do just the trick! 

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