Blog: Everything you need to know about a Nefertiti Face Lift

Are you the Right Candidate for a face lift?

Have you been noticing sagging skin lately and are wanting to look young again? Well, here at M1 Med Beauty, we have a non-invasive solution to regaining your youth. We offer the treatment: Nefertiti Face Lift, that will tighten your skin and get rid of those sagged areas via the use of anti-wrinkle injections. However it is important to be the right candidate for this treatment. A treatment such as a face lift, requires there to be enough sagging or signs of aging for the treatment to really show results. Due to this, it is important to come in for a complimentary consultation if you are interested in the procedure, as one of our Cosmetic Doctors will be able to examine the treatment area and advise if you are the right candidate.

Age is Irrelevant

Although face lifts usually appeal to those whose skin is older and is showing dramatic signs of aging,  it is more important to examine your skin’s genetic age than its numerical age. There can be many contributions to the aging of skin such as environmental factors, health and maintenance that can cause signs of deterioration and aging. So there is no perfect age to consider a facelift treatment. It is a very personal choice that considers your skin’s health and appearance as the number one determination that you are the right candidate to receive a face lift. Noting this, it is common that those aged 40-70 years old receive face lift treatment to rid them of the aged appearance of their skin.

Skin Condition

One of the checkpoints in deciding that you are the right candidate for a face lift, is that your overall skin condition is suitable for the treatment. It is ideal that your skin has some retained elasticity and flexibility. It is best if your skin is still relatively supple and can bounce back when pinched, as this will help the treatment and healing go smoothly. It is important to note that lifestyle factors may also reduce the effect of the results. If you are an excessive smoker or spend a lot of time in the sun, your results may be affected by this as they are detrimental to skin health.

Physical Signs

Often the physical signs that you are ready for a facelift include sagging tissues of the lower face and neck area, as these are the areas that show the most signs of aging. You may also have jowls, loss of jawline definition, banding of the neck or dramatic lower facial wrinkles. These are all improved by receiving the Nefertiti Face lift as these areas are lifted by the use of anti-wrinkle treatment which paralyses the muscles underneath in order to create a tightened effect. An easy way to tell if you are ready for a facelift is by taking your fingers and pulling back your face gently. If the appearance is desirable you may be ready for a non-surgical face lift.

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