Blog: The reason why we love anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments do more than just smooth away Wrinkles

Anti Wrinkle injections are known for returning one’s youth by their effect of smoothing out wrinkles. However there are many more benefits from receiving anti wrinkle treatment. Commonly known as muscle relaxant, we provide these injections at our clinic to enhance the face and revitalise your features. Here are some facts about anti-wrinkle injections that reveal how they can do more than just smooth out those wrinkles. 

Anti Wrinkle Injections are Preventative

While it is common knowledge that anti wrinkle treatment can rid you of the wrinkles you already have, it is less known that they can also prevent you from gaining wrinkles. It is because of this that there are more young customers receiving anti-wrinkle injections in the cosmetic community. Wrinkles are formed by movement of the facial muscles. When injecting anti wrinkle treatment into the muscle, the product acts as a relaxant and decreases the ability to move the muscle. Less movement means less wrinkles, therefore preventing you from gaining fine lines that can develop into deep wrinkles. 

Face Lift and Symmetry

Anti wrinkle injections can also lift certain features of the face when injected in the right areas. An example of this is the common Brow Lift. By injecting a small amount of units around the brow area, the brows can be lifted creating a more youthful and tighter appearance. This is a great alternative to a face lift as it is quick, relatively painless and non invasive. Following this, symmetry can also be achieved. Brow lifts can help eyes appear smaller, a smaller jawline can be achieved by relaxing the masseters, and correcting a gummy smile by relaxing the top lip. These can all assist in creating a symmetrical and attractive appearance. 


Here at M1 Med Beauty, we offer anti wrinkle treatment that can be injected into the armpit muscles to help with excessive sweating, commonly known as Hyperhidrosis. This condition can cause odor and a loss in self confidence and can be extremely frustrating. These injections intercept the message telling the glands to sweat and can be extremely beneficial for this condition. 

Confidence Boost

As this treatment can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, lift the face and increase symmetry, customers leave our clinics feeling younger and beautiful. It is evidential that our customers’ confidence is boosted by receiving anti wrinkle injections as they feel less self conscious about their visible signs of aging. 

Come into M1 Med Beauty and regain your confidence and youthful appearance today!