Blog: Now it’s time for men!

Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments for the modern man

Men love to look just as good as women. Beauty enhancements are known to be more common within demographics of 18-40 age groups in women. Lately, we are noticing more of a trend with middle aged men coming into our clinics. Most of our returning female clients refer their spouse or friend to come in for simple ‘quick-fixes’ such as anti-wrinkle treatments for the forehead or frown lines. 

Furthermore, a lot of men experience sagginess in their skin, so they generally come in for cheek dermal filler enhancements to help them look more refreshed. There are other personal reasons as to why men opt for a non-invasive solution to help them regain their confidence as the aging process cannot be avoided. 

Anti-wrinkle treatments

Generally, for men who have been exposed to UV harsh conditions, excessive frowning behavior, indulge in drinking or smoking over the long-term have the likelihood to have more frown or forehead lines. Men do not usually look after their skin complexity from a young age, so over time the frown lines are more visible than others. 

Due to the contributing factors, men have to pay the price of looking older than their actual age. Luckily at M1 Med Beauty, we offer the highest quality treatments when it comes to anti-wrinkle injectables. You might be reading this not sure where to start, but we recommend booking in for a free consultation to see whether the cosmetic doctor requires the target of the frown or forehead lines, or both. These treatments only take a matter of a few minutes and you will not experience pain during or after your injectables. The price starts at $179 and the results will last you a good several months. Talk about value for money!

Dermal filler treatments

As men age, they will naturally lose facial volume and definition. A cheek filler treatment will help to restore the natural cushioning area of fat between the bone and skin, lifting the areas of the cheek to enhance the appearance of a smooth skin. 

Sounds a bit invasive? No not at all. The product we use contains an aesthetic agent so the injectables will not be painful for you. In fact, the procedure will take a good few minutes and is performed by an experienced cosmetic doctor. After the first injection is administered for both cheeks, the doctor will double check whether both sides are symmetrical to one another. 

You will see the results immediately and most likely your friend or family member will offer you a compliment to inform you look refreshed. That is the case for all of our male patients who walk out the door following their cheek filler treatment. They report they notice the positive changes immediately. Furthermore, the cheek enhancements will last you anywhere between 4-9 months depending on your metabolism and body type. Each individual will experience various optimal results. 

Interested? Book your free consultation now and see what our experienced Cosmetic Doctors can do for you.