Blog:Let’s work on your face shape

A filler for every face shape!

Did you know that different face shapes will need different filler treatments? Here at M1 Med Beauty, we tailor our treatments to suit each and every individual. This means injecting in different areas for each face due to their face shape and structure. There are a few common face shapes that everyone falls into the category of. These are the heart shape, square shape, oblong shape, diamond shape, round shape, and oval shape. Here is how to determine what type of face shape you have and the best treatments for these types of faces:

Heart: You can tell that you have a heart-shaped face if you have a slightly larger width of your forehead than your jaw. You will often have a widow’s peak hairline literally outlining your face like a heart! You will also have a slim jawline that comes to a point. A great dermal filler for this face shape is jawline filler. It will help you maintain that straight, slim structure and will emphasize the point at your chin creating a strong look.

Square: Square shape faces will tend to have a prominent square like a jawline that is equivalent in width to their forehead. A great treatment for this face shape is cheek filler. Because your face is already quite structured, adding gorgeous cheekbones will make you turn heads!

Oblong: The oblong face shape usually is just like the square face shape as it has some structure to the jaw, however, it is a lot longer in height. A great example of this is the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker. A brow lift with dermal filler will help to open up your eye area and draw people to look at your eyes, taking off the appearance of the length of your face. Temple filler can help you to stay looking youthful so there are no indents in your lovely long look.

Diamond: Diamond shape faces will usually have sharp cheekbones and a powerful jawline. The structure of the diamond face is a stand out feature. The forehead will also be smaller in width, creating a diamond shape to your face. A great filler for this shape is jawline or cheek filler to maintain your unique features. Also nasolabial folds are a great area to treat if they are tired, so that you do not have as many lines from all that structure on your face!

Round: Round shape faces are hence the name, quite round. The edge of the face is soft and the forehead is relatively small in width and height. An example of this face shape is Miranda Kerr. A cheek filler will maintain that soft look that you have while adding some youthful round plumpness to the mid area of the face.

Oval: The oval shape face is known to be the most preferred face shape as it is very proportional. An example of this is Beyonce. The forehead and jaw are equivalent in width. The outline of your face is quite smooth and your chin comes to a gentle point. Cheek filler is a great treatment to add a bit of structure to the cheekbones as oval-shaped faces are usually quite soft in this area.

Dermal filler is also different depending on your age. While you are young it is great to receive treatment for changing certain areas of your face and adding features, however as we age, we lose volume in most areas of the face. By receiving a bit of dermal filler in most areas around the face you can achieve a non-surgical facelift. Areas to treat include the brows, cheeks, temples, jawline, nasolabial folds, and chin crease. This will give you a plump youthful look and smooth out those fine lines.

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