Anti-wrinkle treatments and why you should try them

3 reasons you need to try anti-wrinkle treatments

There are many benefits to receiving anti-wrinkle treatment. At our M1 Med Beauty clinics, our doctors are professionally trained in treating our customers with anti-wrinkle treatment for various reasons. This includes ridding the skin of wrinkles and preventing them from occurring, masseters reduction and treating the common Hyperhidrosis condition. Here is a breakdown of the following reasons that our customers receive anti-wrinkle treatment, and why you need to try it!

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Anti wrinkle treatments will help get rid of and prevent wrinkles from forming. The most popular treatments to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles are forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet. Repetitive muscle use and skin ageing causes these areas to wrinkle. They can also be caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure, dehydration and can be worsened by alcohol intake and smoking. Anti-wrinkle treatments work by relaxing the muscle that causes the movement and is a catalyst for the formation of wrinkles. This treatment will rid your skin of its signs of aging and brings back the skin’s smoothness and youthful appearance. 

Masseters Reduction

It is commonly thought that a slim jawline will frame the face and create a strong profile. This can be achieved by receiving a masseters reduction. The masseter muscles, located on either side of the jaw, are integral for chewing and holding the jaw in place. However, excessive use of these muscles can cause them to become bigger, making the face appear much wider. This can also be caused by grinding your teeth or excessive clenching. A facial slimming treatment can help to reduce the size of these muscles, creating a beautiful jawline and also will lessen your teeth grinding which will help prevent tension headaches that are caused by this. 

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

This treatment aids the medical condition Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating. It is known that 3 in every 100 Australians suffer from hyperhidrosis, which causes sweating for no reason unlike sweating that happens during exercise or when we are hot. Focal hyperhidrosis is also where the sweating occurs in one particular area of the body such as armpits, hands or feet. This condition is caused by the nerves in areas prone to sweating becoming overactive which leads them to trigger the sweat glands even when the body is not hot and needing to cool down. This can also occur when a person is nervous or stressed, and can impact the person’s mental health. However this can be treated! By receiving anti-wrinkle injections, the sweat glands are relaxed and the amount of sweat produced is reduced. 

If you have been having any of these issues, come in for a complimentary consultation today!