Blog: Now it’s time for perfect skin

3 Reasons to Try Skinbooster

Recently, our ‘beauty booster’ also officially known as the Skinbooster treatments are becoming increasingly popular amongst our clients in the 20s age group. The procedure is very different from dermal filler for lips or cheeks as it does not provide the same results. In fact, Skinbooster is designed to improve your skin elasticity, even out the skin layers, improve the appearance of smoother skin, and increase skin hydration. If you have tried seeing your dermatologist but nothing seems to work, have no worry as our cosmetic enhancements generally do the trick in so little time. Majority of our patients see positive results after a few weeks, and the best part is the procedure is performed by a qualified cosmetic physician. 

A lot of people have issues with unevenness in skin tone and very dehydrated skin. With three consecutive treatments over an interval of three months, a patient can expect to have a very effective solution to improve their overall skin appearance. With hyaluronic acid being present as the main ingredient in these injectables, a smoother skin texture will be obvious and fine lines will be noticeably decreased. All skin types are suitable for this treatment but if you are an individual concerned with moderate acne-scarring, this is the perfect treatment for you actually. 

Another reason for trying out our Skinbooster treatment is the fact there is no recovery time required at all. After the treatment, you may have minor patches of red skin but these will disappear within two days. Many doctors will recommend the Skinbooster treatment as it is non-invasive and carries minimal risks to the patient. It has been advocated from many social influencers and celebrities alike as it has been reported to provide lasting results to the patient. It is a simple treatment but goes a long way of providing months of improved youthful skin appearance. 

Not sure if this treatment is for you? Feel free to visit one of our clinics in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Our doctor will go through an analysis of your medical history, and go through a treatment plan as we require three separate Skinbooster sessions to take place. Everyone is generally a suitable candidate. Exceptions are if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or feeling unwell. After you have completed all three sessions, we will ensure you feel an overall smoothness, firmness and radiant glow to your skin. Improve your confidence today. We hope to see you at M1 Med Beauty Australia.