When every face is unique, how do you know which area you should treat?

When every face is unique, how do you know which area you should treat?

When every face is unique, how do you know which area you should treat?
When every face is unique, how do you know which area you should treat?

Here at M1 Med Beauty we offer treatments that can help re-sculpt, rehydrate and re-define your whole face. However, our treatments target certain areas to achieve the specific look you desire. Our highly qualified Cosmetic Doctors use dermal filler injections to help you regain volume in the areas that you need it most. Here are some of the best treatment areas to receive dermal filler:


Popularised by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, Cheek fillers are a great way to help provide a youthful, plump appearance to your face. It also can help to redefine your cheekbones, which can give your face a lovely structured look! This area is usually the starting point for dermal fillers as it provides a lift to the soft tissue below the cheek and supports the mid-face area. The cheek area uses a thicker type of filler to provide the most support to tissues. This also helps to create structure and stay in position. This treatment area is great to help with the effects of ageing! It improves the tired appearance of prolonged hollowness extending from the tear trough area.


This is probably the most common area to treat at our clinics! We have two different options for products and our Cosmetic Doctors can help to determine what is best suited to you. Dermal filler in this area can create increased volume, improved symmetry, better lip definition and shape. Get those pouty lips you’ve always wanted!


This is another treatment, which helps to contour the area. Jawline filler aims to improve definition and shape as well as lift and support soft tissue through and underneath the jaw. Thick filler is used for this area as the goal of the treatment is to build structure and replicate bone. This treatment is great for both men and women. The focus is however different for men where we aim to have a sharper angle to emphasise a square, masculine jawline.


Chin filler treatment is aimed at shaping, projecting or elongating the chin (or a combination of all of these). We also use thick filler here to sustain structure and along with jaw treatment, it can also help to reduce the appearance of excess tissue underneath the jaw/chin. This is a great alternative to more invasive treatments in this area.


This area refers to the deep folds that extend from nose to mouth. This area can often become exaggerated due to volume loss in cheeks and sagging, therefore the first step in treating these is often to improve the mid-cheek area. Following this, as we age bone loss next to the nose can occur and often thick dermal filler is placed here to lift the deepest recess of the nasolabial fold. Finally, if required, a lighter filler can be placed along the line to soften it and create a youthful look.


These lines extend from the corners of your mouth down to the chin. These are often caused by a mixture of volume loss and sagging from soft tissue above. We use a volumising filler to replace tissue loss and fill the area so that these lines disappear. This filler supports the marionette lines as well as other fine lines in the area. Marionette lines treatment can also be improved following cheek and jawline dermal filler treatment.


This is a great alternative to invasive, Surgical Rhinoplasty. Dermal filler is placed along the bridge of the nose and on the tip to rebuild the bridge and create a straighter appearance. It can also be used to slim the nose from the frontal profile and to make the tip of the nose appear more lifted.


The area beneath our eyes can hollow out over time. The hollowness of the tear trough area can extend into the cheek, which makes us look more tired. Dermal filler can really help with volume loss in this area and help you to appear more youthful. Prior to this treatment, it is great to have cheek filler as this area tends to help with tear troughs as well. Once the cheeks are full, if there is still volume loss of concern then product can be placed into the tear trough to lift this deficit.


As we age we tend to lose volume in the temple area which can give an undesirable curve and shadowing profile to the face Thick dermal filler can be used to improve volume loss in the temples and bring back that youthful appearance you once had!

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