Signs of ageing appear from mid 20s

Signs of ageing appear from mid 20s

Majority of us women barely have any time to maintain our busy life schedules balancing social and work or family life, let alone adhere to strict skincare routines. From the age of 18 to mid 20’s we are quite heavily focused with our careers, never really paying attention to signs of aging until one day we wake up and look at the mirror in hesitation. The voices start to ring up in your ear as you panic to yourself “Why so I look so old today?” or insinuate “Why do my eyes look so tired and dull?” At this point in time you regret skipping the habit of wearing SPF30+ sunscreen or layering up on hyaluronic acid serum, removing your makeup properly at night or indulging on unhealthy drinking or smoking behaviours. Quite frankly, so many women go through a mid-life crisis by the age 25 as they wish they could just turn back time and feel a feel years younger.

Lets face it, when you have just reached the age of a mature adult, your collagen production and body sustains vitamins and antioxidants to defend your skin from stressors from the environment. You are prone to having more radiant skin and brighter skin tone. However, time passes by and unfortunately these pollutants strip away your skin’s natural glow and fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable. Nevertheless, we encourage you to worry less, and start looking into preventative measures of aging. 

Skin-care regimes can be quite tiresome to follow through. If you are not a big fan of skincare, you might be wanting to discover effective non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Your friend has most likely mentioned our name at M1 Med Beauty Australia and that is why you found yourself scrolling through our blogposts. We thought we would simplify the facts regarding anti-wrinkle treatments, just to get you started. 

What are anti-wrinkle treatments?

These treatments are the way to go – affordable, light and easy! You might be noticing the deep lines or wrinkles may be bothering you around the upper part of your forehead area. When you make frowning expressions, they are heavily more obvious are it is displeasing to you personally. Fortunately, our cosmetic doctors perform anti-wrinkle treatments on the problematic areas such as: frown lines, forehead line and crow’s feet area. At just a popular price of $179, these treatments take a few minutes to complete and the units administered will be so effective to reduce the biggest of your worries (literally). There is a build-up time of 10-14 days before you see dramatic results and expect to top up every few months or so. Most people get away with two sessions per year to enhance their results.

What is the Skinbooster treatment?

The Skinbooster treatment is highly recommended for individuals experiencing major issues with their skin and would like an optimal solution. The treatment is designed to deliver moisture to the deepest layer of your skin and improve skin smoothness and reduce any irregularities like acne scar. Furthermore, the Skinbooster promotes collagen production and helps with skin hydration. Over three consecutive treatments, you will regain confidence in your skin and notice improvement on the areas of your fine lines and wrinkles too. 

What are the aftercare instructions?

So even though you have come in for a treatment or two. It is really important to encourage yourself to stay hydrated and remind yourself to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Water will improve hydration of skin and so remember this for the long term. The other thing to remember is to consistently apply sunscreen during different climates as well. The UV rays are harsh in Australia and we want to remind our clients to never leave the house without a daily sunscreen habit. Prevention is key, and even though our results from the anti-wrinkle treatments will improve the appearance of aging, your post-treatment habits are what will determine the longevity of these results. Furthermore, we recommend coming in to our clinic at least one a year to review the results and to perform any necessary touch up treatments. Our cosmetic doctors will assess each client accordingly, and determine the best products to use depending of your needs. 

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