PRP versus dermal filler treatments

PRP versus dermal filler treatments

Recently, we have had some clients being confused about whether they need a platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP) or dermal filler enhancement. As there have been research outlining PRP helps with hair loss and help with inflammation caused by osteoporosis, there is actually no purpose in PRP if you are trying to aim: restore lost volume of your skin, smooth lines and creases or facial enhancement. 

The cost of PRP is quite high as it varies between $500-$2000 per treatment, and some individuals require another injection 2-3 months in between. Furthermore, this treatment has been known to have many side effects like pain, infection and irritation of the skin.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is still quite new to the medical world and there is still some more research to distinguish further effectiveness of these treatments. 

On the contrary, what are known to have many positive benefits are our dermal filler treatments. We are well known for providing long lasting solutions to patients who suffer from lost volume on their face, sagginess of the skin, increasing fine lines or wrinkles. So what is this fuss all about? Thing is each dermal filler is designed for a specific improvement on your face. For instance we have cheek fillers which help with restoration of volume, lip fillers which are known to make your lips look plump and symmetrical, tear trough filler which helps the appearance of under eye hollowness. Basically, each to their own so if you have a particular thing you are concerned about, chances are our Cosmetic Doctor can provide one treatment to eradicate those disappointments you may have. 

Dermal fillers are performed by a qualified Cosmetic Doctor at M1 Med Beauty and your medical history is initially discussed before going ahead with the treatment. The exceptions are if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding as these treatments are best done after this given time. Dermal filler prices are a lot less than PRP and of greater value since the dermal filler enhancements will typically last you anywhere 3-9 months duration. The results are immediate and there is no recovery time required. You can basically have an appointment during your lunch time spot and be back at the office after 30 minutes of your appointment. 

We have different age groups coming in to our clinics for dermal fillers and it is a treatment designed for either men and women. As dermal filler treatments are increasingly popular, at M1 Med Beauty Australia we have the best techniques for our treatments minimizing risks and pain to the patient. Our latest technique allows patient to look aesthetically enhanced while maintaining a presence of natural beauty. We do not go over the top but rather keep these treatments to its simplicity. The dermal filler product has results lasting at least three or four months, and usually we find our clients coming back for a top up treatment 1-2 times a year. 

If you are interested in booking a free consultation to speak to our Cosmetic Doctors, feel free to give us a call. We are well-established and are located in Sydney and Melbourne.