Injectables galore with Dr Sam!

Injectables galore with Dr Sam!

When coming in for an appointment the common question always is: “Which Doctor will I be seeing?”. Today we meet with one of Australia’s finest, Dr Sam Clark! This Melbourne based Cosmetic Doctor is full of knowledge and experience in medical fields to help you with your every injectable needs. I’m sitting down with Dr Sam and will be asking him some questions about his work as a Cosmetic Doctor here at M1 Med Beauty. 

Hi Dr Sam, thank you for being here with me today. So tell us, how did you get into the business?

A: “I am New Zealand trained and was working in a hospital there but had been wanting to get into Aesthetic Medicine for a long time. I had been finding it really difficult to decide on the best way in the industry. I was so excited when I came across M1 Med Beauty because of their huge level of experience and extensive training that they offer at their M1 Akademie. I loved that they provide such a huge and supportive network of experienced injectors and that they have years of experience behind them.”

That’s so great to hear about your passion for the field. What do you love most about your job?

A: “My favourite part of any job is always the people! We are so lucky here to have a relaxed and friendly team of staff as well as a really diverse and interesting patient base. I enjoy seeing patients over multiple treatments, making plans with them, and then seeing these plans come to fruition over time.”

Sounds like a great place! What would you say is your favourite treatment to perform?

A: “I enjoy doing a lot of the treatments but I think I always find jaw filler the most satisfying! I love using filler to create so much structure and shape and find that the way it sharpens and frames the lower border of the face can add so much to enhancing someone’s profile.”

Out of all the appointments you get, what do you find is the most common treatment that you perform?

A: Lips, lips, lips! Lip filler is a very popular treatment, and for good reason. When done well it can add plumpness, hydration and shape to the lip as well as balance the lower third of the face. I think lips, more than any other feature, are so unique. I love how the treatment can enhance the lips while keeping their natural character and individuality. 

What are some tips that you would advise for all of our lovely Lip filler patients?

A: Aftercare is key! A lot of people think that with cosmetic treatments the results are  only determined by what happens while you’re at the clinic. While, of course, how the treatment is done has a huge effect, in reality what you do following can also impact on your outcome and satisfaction. We always run through some advice to follow after the treatment that helps to improve the healing and integrating of the products while also preventing complications, such as infection, that can cause problems afterwards. 

We know there are so many treatments available out there that not everyone knows about. What should customers look into for their next visit at M1 Med Beauty?

A: The two treatments that I think are the most underutilised are Skinbooster and Hyperhidrosis treatments. Skinbooster can help to improve the quality of your skin and often helps to provide a better basis to achieve more with other filler and anti-wrinkle treatments. With hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) treatment, I think that a lot of people just don’t know it’s an option. By using anti-wrinkle injections into trouble areas we can reduce the impact that excess sweating can have on people’s confidence. 

Well, thanks for speaking with me today Dr Sam. It was lovely chatting with you!

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