Immediate Fix to a Sagging Jawline

Immediate Fix to a Sagging Jawline

If you have been noticing your skin sagging around the jawline area, you may be ready for a cosmetic beauty treatment! Sagging around the jawline is a common sign of aging and if not treated, the skin can worsen and become wattles over time. This can greatly affect our confidence as sagging skin can appear loose and unattractive. Here at M1 Med Beauty we offer some treatments that are an immediate fix to a Sagging Jawline. Here are the two recommended treatments that you can receive to help your jawline area regain its youth!

Jawline Filler

This treatment will help to give a more defined jawline, lessening the appearance of a saggy jawline. A strong, powerful jawline gives you a youthful, sculpted appearance. There are many reasons as to why we lose definition in the jawline area. Internal factors, such as fat loss and overworked muscles, can impact the appearance of your jawline. External factors such as dehydration, UV exposure, smoking or excessive alcohol intake can be a detriment to the skin around the jawline, creating loose skin and jowls. Our jawline filler treatment contains hyaluronic acid which helps to recreate lost definition, fixes asymmetries, and rids those sags!

At an appointment with one of our Cosmetic Doctors, high-quality hyaluronic acid is injected precisely between the jawbone and the epidermis. We target any dents and areas of loose skin with a thick filler to create a padded and defined profile. This treatment can help both women and men to reverse their signs of aging, all the while balancing facial proportions, and rejuvenating the skin. This treatment can be enhanced by a dermal filler in the chin area.

Nefertiti Face Lift

The name of this treatment is a reference to the beautiful Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who is famous for her elongated neck and youthful looks. This is a great treatment if the sagging around your jawline area also extends to the lower jaw area and neck. Contrary to our Jawline enhancement, this treatment is completed with our anti-wrinkle formula. This treatment will make an immediate, big difference to the appearance of your saggy jawline, as it targets the very muscles that create the wrinkles and sagging.

Our anti wrinkle treatment is injected into the muscle underneath the sagging area to relax the muscle. By doing this, less movement is possible which both rids the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, and prevents future damage to occur. This treatment has many benefits including, lessening lines around the lower part of the face, tightening neck bands and wattles, and evening out symmetry around the jawline and lower face. This treatment is a great way to immediately fix your sagging jawline and regain your youth and confidence when you step out the door!

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