Daddy Do-Overs are on the rise

Daddy Do-Overs are on the rise

For all the dads out there reading this blog, just in case, we have not forgotten about you. Obviously with work demands, family duties and anything stress related, age has finally taken a bit of a toll on you and you just require a bit of “maintenance-me” time. Your wife or friend may have mentioned they have felt younger and more confident through anti-wrinkle or dermal treatments at M1 Med Beauty, so here you found yourself googling us to see what the fuss is all about…

To start off, we must ask what factors cause aging and how can you prevent it? 

It all begins with how good you are at taking care of your skin. Especially with Australia’s harsh UV rays and dry environmental climate, do you recall always applying sun-screen daily or often? Chances are, you are a top bloke so there is no way you care about skincare or beauty regimes to say the very least. Next question: “how often do you drink or smoke?” If you answered often then most likely all of these lifestyle factors have contributed to you not looking at your very best anymore. Don’t feel bad as this is the same across the board with males aged thirty and above. 

What treatments is best suited for me?

We are seeing a rapid growth in middle-aged men coming into our clinics – the stigma of appearing queer or metro is now undervalued. Men sometimes are even dragged to come in for a free consultation by their spouses and once they do pop a visit at one of our clinics in Melbourne or Sydney, they will start to see why it is favored. 

Treatments-wise. If you suffer from a lot of wrinkles naturally or experience a lot of frowning, we highly recommend coming in to receive anti-wrinkle treatments. Everyone is almost a good candidate. The treatment is non-invasive and the injectables are administered in either areas of your frown lines, forehead lines or crow’s feet. At just a convenient pricing of $179 per area, the results are effective within 10-14 days of the treatment. Not to mention there is no recovery time required. This means you will be in and out the door in no time, and can get back to your busy dad schedules or next work meeting at the busy office. So you can agree, what’s not to like?

One of the most common treatments for busy dads alike is our dermal cheek filler procedure. You’re most likely thinking we are joking but we can reassure you we’re not! In fact, everytime our male patients receive this treatment, they will look years lighter and they often say it has boosted their confidence dramatically. As adult populations age, they naturally lose facial volume. The suppleness in your skin is no longer there and sometimes you have this look of a tired and dull face. By receiving cheek filler enhancements, your skin will appear to be smoother and gives overall structure to your cheekbones. After receiving the painless treatment, you will be surprised of the youthful complexion immediately and how there is no more dullness to your face. 

So there you have it, just basic information for first-timer dads who are a bit shy to ask questions directly. Please be advised, all our procedures are performed by a qualified Cosmetic doctor so the best technique and product type will be used in regard to the given treatment. An initial consultation is complimentary and we have both female and male doctors. You can book in for a free consultation online or over the phone. If you feel like bringing your spouse for moral support, we highly encourage you to do so.