Best age to get anti-wrinkle treatments done?

Best age to get anti-wrinkle treatments done?

Our modern day age culture is now completely susceptible to hearing about the endorsement of injectable treatment for young adults. What is the best age to receive anti-wrinkle treatments? We receive this question very often so our team thought we would break it down the simple facts regarding the best age to receive anti-wrinkle treatments. Firstly, we are acknowledging a vast growth in the number of treatments from demographics of mid-20 year olds. 

Why do 25 year olds start anti-wrinkle treatments at such a young age?

We are seeing everyone wanting to achieve a younger and vibrant look. There is of course – the social influencers and celebrities that make us feel like rewinding back the clock through injectables, that’s for sure. However, some young adults are predisposed to wrinkles on their face genetically. They frown more and use expressions on their face often, which is why the lines are present even if they are not using their facial muscles. This generally makes an appropriate reason for receiving treatment at an early age. 

Is starting at a young age good for me?

Some dermatologists would agree to this as they believe the anti-wrinkle product itself will relax your muscle and in general the overlying skin. By this relaxant, there is no visibility in wrinkles anymore. Therefore if you personally have wrinkles that are naturally present even if you are not showing any emotion expressions, opting for injectables would be a good start if you have concerns in your forehead or frown lines. Cosmetic doctors will examine your wrinkles and administer the recommended dose of anti-wrinkle product, so you don’t always have to go the full extent. Start small and if you are happy with the results, then continue to maintain these results over the next year or so. 

Is it too late if I start in my 30’s?

It is never too late to begin anti-wrinkle treatments. However, the most common age is 30 for our clients at M1 Med Beauty. Most of our clients have more visible wrinkles due to the sun exposure damage to their skin, smoking, stress, as well as other environmental factors. We cater for a lot of corporate women and men squeezing in for a quick fix because literally these treatments can be achieved in your lunch break. Our clients see the effectiveness of these treatments generally after 10-14 days and the longevity of these results are at least a minimal of four months. 

In your 40’s

The best part is no matter your age, we assert our Cosmetic Doctors can definitely assist with improving your confidence as you begin to notice smooth appearance of your face and reduction of wrinkles. Actually, we have a large caseload of clients from 35-45 who come in for their first treatment. Their wrinkles are highly present, but that is no issue. The Cosmetic Doctors would usually recommend receiving 2-3 zones for the frown, forehead or crow’s feet area.  Therefore we believe the chronologic age to start anti-wrinkle treatment is not relevant to the final result. It is more of a personal preference, and we have the likes of our supportive medical doctors who can support you through this journey. 

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