A No Pain Nose Job!

A No Pain Nose Job!

The nose is one of the most prominent and defining features of your face. Have you ever wanted to change the shape of your nose without painful and lengthy surgery? Non surgical rhinoplasty is a great option for those looking for a pain free treatment with great outcomes! This treatment uses dermal filler to reshape the nose by injecting small amounts of dermal filler into parts of the nose to change the nose’s look to your desired outcome. Sometimes making a small change can make a big difference! 

Being the centre of our face, the nose balances out our other features and when there are imperfections in the shape or appearance of the nose it can cause great stress and annoyance. Traditionally the go-to treatment for changing nose features was surgical rhinoplasty. However, this invasive treatment is a big commitment as it is proved to be costly, time intensive and healing can be a lengthy and painful process. Nevertheless, in recent years there has been a growth in developments in the medical aesthetic industry! With improvements in dermal filler consistency and injection techniques, medical practitioners are now able to produce incredibly similar results with a non – surgical rhinoplasty! 

What can Non Surgical Rhinoplasty do?

Non surgical Rhinoplasty treatment can reshape the nose and therefore give you a whole new look! Say goodbye to any unwanted features and say hello to the nose you have always wanted! By injecting dermal filler into the bridge and lifting the tip of the nose, it smoothes out bumps and re-defines the overall look of the nose. 

At the Appointment 

To find out if this treatment is the right treatment for you, you can book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced Cosmetic Doctors and they can examine your nose and inform you of what will be the best procedure for the treatment. The Doctor will assess what areas are best to treat. They then will treat the areas with a thick type of dermal filler. The Doctor will also then make sure that the filler is sitting in the correct place in the nose. This thicker filler contains an anesthetic agent which is injected with a very fine needle. This means that the procedure is basically painless! 


After the treatment, it is super important NOT to touch the filler for a few days. This ensures that the filler will set in the correct spot. It is also advised to not put pressure on the corrected area for 2 weeks. This means no wearing glasses, sunglasses or goggles. 

Come in to M1 Med Beauty and receive your Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty if you have been wanting to perfect those imperfections, or even just change things up a bit! Contact info@m1-beauty.com if you have any enquiries or visit www.m1-beauty.com.au for more information. 

This treatment should last from 4- 9 months however this varies from patient to patient. Ater this the product will dissolve harmlessly into your body as Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is already found in our body. Come in to a M1 Med Beauty Clinic and get that strong, defining jaw you have always wanted! 

Contact melbourne@m1-beauty.com if you have any enquiries or visit www.m1-beauty.com.au for more information.