Ever dreamed of having those stand out cheekbones like Bella Hadid, Johnny Depp or Kylie Jenner? Lucky for you we have a treatment that will make those dreams come true! Cheekbones are one of the key features that frame your face and create structure, depth and a dramatic profile. Cheek enhancements using Dermal filler are now one of the most popular medical aesthetics treatments and can really make a difference to the overall look of your face. 

Our cheekbones are one area of the face that really suffers as we age. Our cheeks loose volume over time and because the skin is so close to the muscle, volume loss is much more noticeable than other areas of the face. This can lead to a gaunt and harsh look, but this can be fixed! Cheek enhancements correct this by replenishing the natural cushion of fat with Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our body. We inject this between the skin and bone, rounding out the cheeks, shaping your face and making your skin look smooth and supple again! 

Where should I get the Dermal Filler?

When you come in for your free consultation you will be able to discuss with one of our Cosmetic Doctors where it will be best to inject the filler to suit your face. Depending on your desired outcome, here’s a bit about the effects of treating different areas of your cheeks:

AREA 1: Treating the mid Cheek area 

Often as we age it is most common to lose volume in the mid-cheek area leaving a tired and sunken appearance. By using dermal filler in this area we replace lost volume by making the cheeks look fuller as well as decreasing the tired appearance of the face. This brings on a youthful, plump look to your face. By lifting the mid-cheek we also provide support to the lower part of the face and can often improve nasolabial folds by lifting in this area. We often use thick filler deep in the cheek to give the most lift and maximise this effect. 

AREA 2: Treating the Cheekbone area

By placing filler along the cheekbone we create a more defined line along the lateral part of the face. This improves contouring down the cheek by increasing natural shadowing. This can give a strong effect from the front profile and can give that desired extra structure to your face. Get the filler in this area if you want your cheekbones to be poppin! 

When getting the treatment done, the dermal filler also contains an anesthetic agent, so no need to worry about the possibility of pain, this is minimal! Our Doctors may also massage the treatment to help it sit and settle in the right place. The result of your Cheek enhancement may take a few days to absorb water and reach its full result. Our tip is to drink lots of water to help it absorb all that it can and become fuller! This treatment can last from 4- 9 months however this may differ for each person. Come in to a M1 Med Beauty clinic to get your voluminous new cheeks today! 

Contact info@m1-beauty.de if you have an enquiry, or visit www.m1-beauty.com.au for more information.