5 signs your double chin is getting the better of you

5 signs your double chin is getting the better of you

Having a double chin is a major concern for many, as it can considerably impact the appearance of your whole face. Face shape has become a great deal for those interested in beauty, and there are now many procedures available for those wanting to enhance or change the face shape. The chin is an important factor when it comes to face shape, as it’s appearance can transform your entire face. If you are concerned about your chin doubling, here are the signs to look out for that reveal you may be ready for treatment. 

Disliking your side profile

If you are noticing that you are unhappy with your side profile when you look in the mirror, you may be ready to consider treatments for double chins. We are all unique in our own ways, however it is common that the area beneath our chins are relatively flat. Looking at our side profile is a great way to detect if you are gaining a double chin, so that you can delve into why this is occurring and how you can treat it. 

Hiding your chin

Often those who are aware of their double chin, will try to hide it any way that they can. You may be reaching for a scarf, wearing high neck tops or jumpers, over contouring your chin with makeup or hiding it with your hair. If you are finding that you are frequently trying to hide your chin when you are out and about, your double chin is definitely getting the better of you!

Being Self-Conscious

If thoughts concerning your double chin are often on your mind, this is a big sign that you are self conscious of your chin. Being self-conscious negatively affects our mental health and can be detrimental to our self image. Unhealthy self-consciousness can lead to social anxiety, and this is a slippery slope to isolation and further harming your emotional well-being. 

Posing for photos

Living in the digital age means we are constantly taking photos of one another and sharing them. If you find yourself posing at certain angles to help hide your double chin, your double chin may be becoming a concern for you. 

Editing your photos

Many people often edit their photos these days to enhance their beauty. Although this can be quite a creative and fun process, it can be harmful to our self-image if we are constantly changing our features. If you are editing your double chin out of your photos, your chin may be getting the better of you. 

Luckily, there are now many treatments out there to help you! We offer a Nefertiti Face-Lift at our clinic to tighten the skin around the chin, jawline and neck area by using anti-wrinkle injections that relax the muscles in these areas or dermal filler to shape a chin and jawline, hiding a double chin. 

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